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Dampier Archipelago Rock-Art Precinct

Past Studies, on going as acquired, large files are identified


Reports that have dealt with the heritage values of the Dampier Archipelago:

1964 WA Museum Special Publication No 2 WDL Ride, IM Crawford, GM Storr, RM Berndt & RD Royce

1972-12 Rock art of the Dampier Archepelego-Comalco

1973 A Preliminary Report on the Aboriginal Sites and the Rock Art of the Dampier Archipelago, W.A., F.L. Virili, Project Engineer, Dampier Salt Ltd.

1979 Les gravures de l'ouest australien. Leur renovation au cours des ages , Bulletin de la SOCIETE PREHISTORIQUE FRANCAISE, Volume 76/10-12, Michel Lorblanchet et Rhys Jones

1980 Les premieres fouilles a Dampier, (Australie occidentale), et leur place dans l'ensemble australien, Bulletin de la SOCIETE PREHISTORIQUE FRANCAISE, Volume 77/10-12, Michel Lorblanchet

2002 Rock Art Research-Volume 19-Number 1 P.Vinnicombe.

2002 Rock Art Research-Volume 19-Number 1 R.G.Bednarik.

2003 Concerns in rock art science-Volume 20, Number 1 R.G.Bednarik

2006 National Trust "TRUST news" Volume 34, Number 4, May 2006

2006 Archaeology and rock art in the Dampier Archipelago by Dr Caroline Bird & A/Prof Sylvia J Hallam. 7MB

2006 A review of archaeology and rock art in the Dampier by Dr Caroline Bird & A/Prof Sylvia J Hallam. 20MB

2006-11 Dampier fact sheets-AURA Newsletter Volume 23, Number 2

2007-09-24 The Dampier Archipelago and the Burrup Peninsula: The Values of Indigenous Heritage, Parks and Protected Areas Forum, Robin Chapple

2007-11 Good progress at Dampier - Rock Art Research 2007 - Volume 24. Number 2, p267, Robert G. Bednarik

2007-11 The Science of Dampier Rock Art — Part 1 - Rock Art Research 2007 - Volume 24. Number 2 p209, Robert G. Bednarik


Reports that have criticised the management and maintenance of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage:

Anthropological practice and Aboriginal heritage by Philip Moore, (a case study from Western Australia)’ Applied Anthropology in Australasia / edited by Sandy Toussaint and Jim Taylor, Nedlands : University of Western Australia Press p.229-254 (1999 ) - 1.7 mb

Trashing Heritage by David Ritter, Studies in Western Australian History, 23: pp 195-208 (2003)

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972: a clash of two cultures; a conflict between two Laws by Tracy Chaloner, A Parliamentary Internship a cooperative arrangement between The Hon. Robin Chapple MLC of the WA State Parliament and Murdoch University (2004)


Reports that have reported on Aboriginal Affairs:

Report of the Review of the Department of Indigenous Affairs, Dr Dawn Casey PSM FAHA, April 2007 - 4.6Mb

The first quarterly report of the Special Advisor on Indigenous Affairs, Lieutenant General (retd) John Sanderson, 6th December 2006, apologies for quality - 1.3Mb



Reports that have promoted or been written about industrial development of the region:

1972 The Concept The Department of Development and Decentralisation. 2 mb
1974 The Pilbara Study The Department of Industrial Development. 33 mb
1976 Hamersley's First Decade overview of milestones since the forming of Hamersley Iron in 1962
1998 Department of Minerals and Energy, Armour-Stone Investigation North of King Bay (Holden Point), Burrup Peninsula Western Australia. by S. J. Brice and P. B. Abeysinghe. Without Appendix 2.5 mb. With Appendix 10 mb
2007-05-08 Dampier Port Authority Development Plan
2008-10-14 Burrup Nitrates Pty. Ltd. (BNPL) EPA Referral
  2008-12-15 FARA appeal Technical Ammonium Nitrate explosives plant-doc

The Burrup Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement

Was made between the State of Western Australia, the Western Australian Land Authority and native title parties being the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo, Ngarluma Yindjibarndi and Yaburara Mardudhunera peoples and was concluded in on the January 2003. There are two documents that make up the agreement these are:

The Burrup Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement and

The Burrup Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement additional deed


The Department of Conservation and Land Managment's plan for the Burrup

2006-05-08 CALM's Burrup Bungalows for Northern Burrup presentation 4MB

2006-07-10 CALM's PowerPoint presentation on Managment Plan 7.5MB

2006-07-11 Proposed Burrup Peninsula Conservation Reserve 3.5MB

2006-09-15 National Trust Response to the Proposed Burrup Peninsula Conservation Reserve 17MB


The Commonwealth of Australia Gazette Notice 3 July 2007, National Heritage Listing the Dampier Archipelago (including Burrup Peninsula)

S127 Gazette Notice

Large scale Map of the Burrup Peninsula showing know names of locations (right click on image below and "save picture as" to download to a suitable location on your computer)



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