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Dampier Archipelago Rock-Art Precinct

Rock Art (Petrogyphs)


This page illustrates some of the various styles of rock art that exist in the Dampier Archipelago, it does so without attempting to categorize in any way other than by nature of similarity of the styles or subject.

As no inventory or analysis has been undertaken it is inappropriate to make supposition as to the nature or age of the material displayed.

There are a number of theories of the age of these carvings, conservative thinking suggest the age of the material is between 6 and 30 thousand years old, though some suggest even older.

There are considered to be about 500,000 carvings on the largest island (Burrup Peninsula formerly Dampier Island) in the Archipelago.

All photos have a "not for reproduction" watermark through them.

All material displayed is considered to be culturally appropriate and as been approved for display.

The Archaic Faces

The rock of the area is commonly described as a granophyre, and while this is valid in part, the peninsula offers considerable diversity of igneous rocks, including dolerite, granodiorite, quartzdiorite, rhyodacite, diorite, gabbro and occasionally granite.

It's fine-grained structure, is one of the strongest rock types known in Australia . This factor has considerable bearing on why the Rock Art has lasted so long..






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