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Kimberley LNG & associated media files

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Kimberley LNG Media Page

2001-03-01 Interview Peter Yu, former executive director, Kimberley Land Council-SBS.pdf

2003-03-26 Kimberley calling-Liftout-West Aus.pdf 3mb

2006-02-03 Govt highlights WA LNG potential-ABC.pdf

2006-02-23 INPEX in search for gas plant-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2006-04-10 Japanese firm to develop major WA gas field-ABC.pdf

2006-04-11 Japanese firm confirms $6b WA gas plan-ABC.pdf

2006-04-12 Energy firm begins talks with traditional owners-ABC.pdf

2006-05-26 Gas explorers back $17m Broome Port expansion-ABC.pdf

2006-08-11 Govt will help Japanese firm develop Kimberley gas project-ABC.pdf

2006-11-21 West Kimberley Onshore Liquefied Natural Gas Processing Facilities-Statement by Premier.pdf

2006-11-23 Gas a Mistake-Letter-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2006-11-30 Fears gas plant to get go ahead-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2006-12-14 Gas plant snub-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007 Inpex Browse Ichthys Gas Field Development-ProjectConnect.pdf

2007-01-18 Shell expands local exploration effort-Australian.pdf

2007-02-09 Kimberley Land council questions Woodside gas plant push-ABC.pdf

2007-03-08 New title claim for LNG target- Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-03-09 Kimberley LNG plant-ABC Stateline.wmv Movie 23mb

Transcript 2007-03-09 Kimberley LNG plant-ABC Stateline.pdf

2007-03-27 Concerns about the Kimberley coastline-Nightline 6PR.mp3 Audio 4mb

Transcript 2007-03-27 Concerns about the Kimberley coastline-Nightline 6PR.pdf

2007-04-02 Gas development in the Kimberley to change lives-ABC.pdf

2007-04-03 Anti Kimberley LNG plants advert-6PR.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2007-04-03 Anti Kimberley LNG plants advert-6PR.pdf

2007-04-03 Protest against Kimberley oil and gas proposal-ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-04-03 Kimberley gas plant protest-GWN News.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-04-12 Government says yes to Gas-Broom Advertiser.pdf

2007-04-12 Ripper blow to Kimberley savers-Countryman.pdf

2007-04-13 Woodside, Inpex Advance-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-04-16 Bid to keep boom out of the Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-17 Australia Woodside Says Offshore Plant Preferred for Browse LNG-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-04-18 WWF objects to gas project on coral reef-Australian.pdf

2007-04-18 Woodside's Reef Plan for Browse LNG Meets Opposition-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-04-18 LNG Browse Basin plant on Scotts Reef-ABC News.wmv Movie 3mb

2007-04-26 LNG projects still on horizon-Business News.pdf

2007-04-26 Media Release Maret DEC Appeal-KLC.pdf

2007-05-03 KLC appeal over permit-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-05-09 Woodside in the Kimberley-Bush Telegraph.mp3 Audio 7.5mb

2007-05-09 Drilling at claim site fans anger-Australian.pdf

2007-05-09 4788 Mitchell Plateau Bauxite LC QON.pdf

2007-05-10 Circling Sacred Ground-Australian.pdf

2007-05-12 Shell back in exploration mode in Browse Basin-AFR.pdf

2007-05-30 Minister upbeat about Greater Sunrise prospects-ABC.pdf

2007-06-19 Aborigines invite LNG players to table-Australian.pdf

2007-06-27 Browse media relase-FARA.pdf

2007-06-28 Woodside set to sidestep green protest-Australian.pdf

2007-06-28 Inpex goes public on gas-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2007-06-28 KLC negotiates gas-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-06-29 First Northern Taskforce meeting-Widerness Media.pdf

2007-07-04 Kimberley LNG hub-ABC News.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-07-05 Aborigines welcome Japanese gas deal-Australian.pdf

2007-07-12 Gas hub chances slip-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-07-17 Large LNG plant earmarked for WA's Kimberley-ABC.pdf

2007-07-19 Bursting at the seams $7bn Santos LNG plant-Australian.pdf

2007-08-14 4942 Peter Yu-Brendan Hammond-LC QON.pdf

2007-08-22 Companies vie for slice of Kimberley-ABC AM.mp3 Audio 2mb

Transcript 2007-08-22 Companies vie for slice of Kimberley-ABC AM.pdf

2007-08-24 Gas pipeline Alan Carpenter on Browse Basin-AM 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

Transcript 2007-08-24 Gas pipeline Alan Carpenter on Browse Basin-AM 720 ABC.pdf

2007-08-27 WA Museum and Woodside Energy Team Up and Take Out Prime Minister’s Awards-WA Museum.pdf

2007-08-30 Premier's Statement on Indigenous Affairs-Legislative Assembly.pdf

2007-08-30 Premier announces major initiatives to create jobs for indigenous West Australians-Media.pdf

2007-08-30 WA Indigenous Affairs dept restructure planned-Business News.pdf

2007-09 Projects Oil and Gas WA-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2007-09-07 PetroChina to buy Browse LNG-Woodside-PNN.pdf

2007-09-07 China, Woodside flag Kimberley plant-West Aus.pdf

2007-09-07 China, Woodside flag Kimberley plant V2-West Aus.pdf

2007-09-11 Woodside in talks with Taiwanese firm-The Age.pdf

2007-09-22 Gas is the future-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-09-24 NW mining a threat to tourism- West Aus.pdf

2007-09-27 Woodside exits Mauritania with $418mln Petronas deal-Reuters.pdf

2007-09-28 Woodside abandons Mauritania at a loss -Australian.pdf

2007-10-04 Gas Policy-ABC News.wmv Video 7mb

2007-10-11 Shell's Director on Woodside Petroleum Board Resigns-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-10-15 Woodside Says Sunrise Could Tie In To Conoco's Darwin Plant-Dow Jones.pdf

2007-10-16 Minister announces taskforce terms of reference-Media.pdf

2007-10-17 Northern Development Taskforce-ABC Mornings.mp3 Audio 3mb

2007-10-19 Browse gas reserves row-ABC AM.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

Transcript 2007-10-19 Browse gas reserves row-ABC AM.pdf

2007-10-22 Kimberley set to become environment battleground-Australian.pdf

2007-10-25 Two gas hubs for Kimberley-Business News.pdf

2007-10-25 Protest over Maret Islands gas processing plant plan-ABC Mornings.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-10-25 Land lease worry in gas plant plan-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-10-29 Inpex plant for Maret Islands-Win News.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-10-29 Inpex wraps up public meetings-ABC.pdf

2007-11-01 KLC opposed to leasing to govt-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2007-11-01 Protest, plaudits for gas plan-Broome Advertiser.pdf

America 2007-11-07 No more gas-fired power plants-Bay View National Black Newspaper.pdf

America 2007-11-08 LNG Firm Wants Coast Guard Concerns Applied to Competitor.pdf

2007-11-09 Minister heartened by early Kimberley consultations-Ripper Media.pdf

2007-11-19 Voelte floats LNG FPSO idea-PNN.pdf

2007-11-12 Browse LNG looking for a home-PNN.pdf

2007-11-13 Browse field in the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-11-13 Browse field in the Burrup Peninsula-KBR.pdf

2007-11-13 KBR undertakes study for Browse LNG-ENERGY Current.pdf

America 2007-11-13 South Bay LNG proposal stirs up critics over planned site-Daily Breeze.pdf

2007-11-14 Woodside Says Sunrise Could Tie In To Conoco's Darwin Plant-CNN Money.pdf

2007-11-15 Heritage campaigns underway in earnest-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-11-15 Kimberley gas hub discussions-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2007-11-15 More LNG exploration-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-11-15 Speak to traditional owners KLC-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-11-15 Effort to secure world heritage listing-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2007-11-16 Woodside praises floating LNG platform-Australian.pdf

2007-11-21 Browse to Burrup option-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-11-21 S.Korea in talks to buy LNG from Woodside, Chevron-Reuters.pdf

2007-11-22 Gas could go south-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-11-26 Rudd looks to WA for new resources minister-Australian.pdf

2007-11-26 Bauxite takes its turn on investors' screens-West Aus.pdf

2007-11-29 Gas Talks-Win News.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-11-30 Cherrio Kim, hello Gary-Weekend Courier.pdf

2007-11-30 Albanese's infrastructure fix-it brief-AFR.pdf

2007-12-03 BHP, Woodside build bridges with ALP-PNN.pdf

2007-12-03 INPEX throws support behind the Kimberley story Jandamarra-Perth Now.pdf

2007-12-04 Some players won't get a seat in LNG musical chairs-PNN.pdf

2007-12-05 Global LNG production to ‘fall short’ by 2015-Gulf Times.pdf

2007-12-06 KLC and Enviro Groups Joint Position Statement.pdf

2007-12-06 Kimberley landmark declaration-ABC TV.wmv Movie 7mb

2007-12-06 Kimberley landmark decision-WIN.wmv Movie 7mb

2007-12-06 Kimberley landmark declaration-GWN.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-12-07 Kimberley coast to be study subject-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-12-07 Two LNG plants in train for Browse Basin-Australian.pdf

2007-12-07 Minister rejects media report on Kimberley development-Media.pdf

2007-12-10 Kimberley council meets Woodside-Australian.pdf

2007-12-10 Woodside approaches Kimberley on Browse LNG plant-Energy Current.pdf

2007-12-10 Woodside in talks with WA land council-PNN.pdf

2007-12-11 Kimberley coast World Heritage Listing push-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2007-12-11 Gas development in Kimberley-Burbage-ABC.mp3 Audio 3mb

2007-12-11 Oil and gas groups face Kimberley title claim-Australian.pdf

2007-12-13 Gas deal to benefit Taiwan, Australia-Taiwan Journal.pdf

2007-12-13 Regional Green Pact-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-12-13 Shire waits on Gas-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-12-15 Kimberley crunch time-Australian.pdf

America 2007-12-20 Malibu City Council Unanimously Opposes Woodside LNG Project-Malibu Surfside News.pdf

2007-12-21 Australian Energy Production Growth to Be Led by LNG-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-12-21 India needs LNG - ABARE-PNN.pdf

2007-12 NDT Taskforce lauches in Broome-Prospect.pdf

2007-12 New marine services required for Browse-Prospect.pdf

2008-01-02 2007 The year in LNG- PNN.pdf

2008-01-11 Group set to campaign against Kimberley LNG plant plans-ABC AM.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2008-01-11 Kimberley group gathers support to fight LNG plans-ABC.pdf

2008-01-11 Douglas goes to Sydney-News GWN.wmv Movie 7mb

2008-01-11 Kimberley locals push to save wilderness-Australian.pdf

2008-01-11 US LNG tankers vulnerable to attack-Australian.pdf

2008-01-14 Saving WA's Pristine North-Morning magazine RTRFM.mp3 Audio 3mb

2008-01-16 Kimberley coastline to be focus of study-West Aus.pdf

2008-01-17 Gas site decision closer-Countryman.pdf

2008-01-23 Threat to whale calving ground-Canberra Times.pdf

2008-01-24 Negus joins Kimberley fight-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-01-28 Peak oil by 2015-PNN.pdf

2008-01-31 Bauxite Resources releases quarterly report-Mineweb.pdf

2008-01-31 Warrior's language of resistance-Jandamarra-Australian.pdf

2008-02-05 Australia to Pick Single Site for Kimberley LNG Plant-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-02-05 Green groups happy about Kimberley announcement-ABC.pdf

2008-02-05 Governments launch landmark Kimberley planning study-Business News.pdf

2008-02-05 Greens Kimberley needs comprehensive plan-Media.pdf

2008-02-05 Future of Kimberley coast-Gamblin-ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2008-02-05 Kimberley Environment summit-Garrett-Douglas-ABC.mp3 Audio 3.2mb

2008-02-05 Kimberley environmental plan-Garrett-ABC.mp3 Audio 3.7mb

2008-02-05 Kimberley Environment-Garrett-Gamblin-Parker-ABC.wmv Movie 7mb

2008-02-05 Streamline plan for WA gas-AFR.pdf

2008-02-05 Kimberley Environment-Garrett-GWN.wmv Movie 1mb

2008-02-05 LNG hub site strategic assessment-Garrett.wmv Movie 6mb

Transcript 2008-02-05 LNG hub site strategic assessment-Garrett.pdf

2008-02-05 Big picture’ strategic assessment of the Kimberley-Garrett & Kobelke.pdf

2008-02-05 Land council clarifies mining royalties stance-ABC Message Stick.pdf

2008-02-05 Kimberley to be focus of major study-Age.pdf

2008-02-06 Interview with MPI-Chapple on Kimberley-RTR FM.mp3 Audio 2mb

2008-02-06 Garrett snubbed us over coastal development says land council-Australian.pdf

2008-02-06 Balance plea in developing Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-06 Producers want say on LNG site -AFR.pdf

2008-02-06 W. Australia assesses common-use coastal LNG hub-Oil and Gas Journal.pdf

2008-02-06 Anger Garrett, Haase, Bergmann, Wiggan-GWN.wmv Movie 6.5mb

2008-02-06 'Interesting' talks expected over gas hub funding Limerick-ABC.pdf

2008-02-07 LNG Questions Loom Amid Wave of Project Completions-Oil & Gas Journal.pdf

2008-02-07 Kimberley coast to be study subject-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-02-07 Shell likes view from Down Under-AFR.pdf

2008-02-08 Industry protected under emissions trading, Wong-PNN.pdf

2008-02-08 Inpex Raises Profit Forecast as Record Oil Boosts Output Value-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-02-11 FLEX LNG from floating facilities-PNN.pdf

2008-02-11 LNG likely to run short in 2010-Daily Yomiuri.pdf

2008-02-11 Garrett wanders into a minefeild on natural gas-Australian.pdf

2008-02-12 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 's Indigenous apology.pdf

2008-02-12 Kimberley needs comprehensive plan-Greens-Halls Creek Herald.pdf

2008-02-13 Potential alliances captivate market-AFR.pdf

2008-02-14 Browse LNG not affected by proposed hub-Energy Current.pdf

2008-02-14 Locals raise worries with LNG taskforce-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-02-14 Mixed reaction as Garrett makes surprise announcement on Kimberley LNG plans-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-02-14 United action to save Kimberley-Countryman.pdf

2008-02-15 New world map - Kimberley coast one of the most pristine places on the planet-WWF Media.pdf

2008-02-17 Kokoda. Aborigines cry hypocrisy as we worry about PNG but mine local sacred grounds -Sunday Times.pdf

2008-02-17 Japan Faces Indonesian Gas Cuts-OhmyNews Korea.pdf

2008-02-18 Aussie gas highlighted on world stage-PNN.pdf

2008-02-19 Future of the Kimberley-Garrett-Bergman-Gamblin-ABC Rural.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2008-02-19 Inpex to Increase Annual Investment in Oil, Gas Drilling by 50%-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-02-19 Call for Sunrise to be delayed-The Age.pdf

2008-02-21 LNG projects strain Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-02-21 Woodside's foot on gas in Timor-The Age.pdf

2008-02-21 Watch on Woodside-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-02-21 Oil producer sets aggressive targets-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-02-21 WA beats Northern Territory for Woodside's $20b Browse LNG project-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-21 Woodside adds $20b fiffip to boom-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-21 Woodside confident of 22% rise in 2008 production-FT.pdf

2008-02-22 Woodside sets time-table for Sunrise, Browse LNG-Energy Current.pdf

2008-02-23 Aboriginal land groups in heritage extortion WA miners-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-23 Heritage claims a rort-WA miners-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-25 Call to stop rorts of Aboriginal heritage law-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-25 Clean energy targets must recognise gas-APIA-PNN.pdf

2008-02-26 Aussie oil & gas production surges-PNN.pdf

2008-02-26 Woodside, CPC acknowledge Browse LNG deal-Energy Current.pdf

2008-02-27 Ichthys Joint Venture Signing of Project Facilitation Agreement-Inpex Media.pdf

2008-02-27 Green groups welcome gas company move-ABC.pdf

2008-02-27 Inpex sees delay in start of Ichthys LNG output-ninemsn.pdf

2008-02-27 Inpex sees delay in start of Ichthys LNG output-Reuters.pdf

2008-02-27 Japan's INPEX weighs WA against NT for big gas project-WA Business News.pdf

2008-02-27 NT could host Inpex plant-ABC.pdf

2008-02-27 Taiwan CPC says details of LNG deal with Woodside to be announced Friday-Forbes.pdf

2008-02-27 Woodsides Browse project will go to WA-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-02-27 APPEA applauds Rudd Govt’s GTL plan-PNN.pdf

2008-02-27 LNG plant may move-ABC.wmv Video 5mb

2008-02-28 Gas announcements are not all they seem-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-02-28 Gas giant threatens NT move over state delays-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-28 Inpex considers alternative sites-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-02-28 Inpex considers Darwin LNG landfall-Oil and Gas.pdf

2008-02-28 Inpex may delay final investment decision for Ichthys-Energy Current.pdf

2008-02-28 Japan's Inpex to examine NT gas pipeline-Australian.pdf

2008-02-28 Minister accuses Opposition of ignoring Kimberley concerns-ABC.pdf

2008-02-28 WA could lose big fish to NT-PNN.pdf

2008-02-28 Wood to fight gas plant proposal-ABC.pdf

2008-02-28 Inpex announcment, Gamblin, Buswell-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2008-02-29 Australia's Woodside signs Taiwan LNG deal worth up to 45 bln aud-Forbes.pdf

2008-03 Historic agreement sets strategic-Prospect.pdf

2008-03 Industry joins government to strengthen oil and gas sector-Prospect.pdf

2008-03 Oil and Gas projects under consideration-Prospect.pdf

2008-03-01 Taiwan considers LNG project investment-Australian.pdf

2008-03-03 No hope of Darwin development for Ichthys-Australian.pdf

2008-03-03 Taiwan wants upstream LNG stake -Fat chance- says Voelte-PNN.pdf

2008-03-04 We can’t meet emissions deadline, say gas majors-PNN.pdf

2008-03-04 Australian Oil, LNG Production to Fall This Year, Bureau Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-03-05 Star kayaker to brave crocs for Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-05 Gas giant threatens to take $20b project to Territory-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-03-05 Protest taken to Inpex Perth office over LNG plant-Business News.pdf

2008-03-05 Protestors rally against gas giant-Perth Now.pdf

2008-03-05 Kimberley Inpex protest media release.pdf

2008-03-05 Press release by Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation.pdf

2008-03-06 Groups protest against Kimberley gas plant-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-06 Gas protesters accused of faking traditional owners-ABC.pdf

2008-03-06 Inpex eyes move to Darwin-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-03-06 Islanders deliver protest to energy giant Inpex on Kimberley home-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-06 Use mining royalties to help Aboriginals-Wyatt-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-07 New figures highlight Aussie oil crisis -APPEA-PNN.pdf

2008-03-07 Singapore looks at Woodside's Browse LNG-Australian.pdf

2008-03-08 Native title no gift for Roebourne-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-09 Liquid natural gas plant-ABC Landline.wmv Video 2.5mb

2008-03-10 Burrup rock art and heritage-ABC.mp3 Audio 4mb

2008-03-10 Infrastructure Costs-ABC.wmv Video 3mb

2008-03-10 Woodside bids to become major LNG supplier to Singapore-Oil & Gas.pdf

2008-03-11 Oil giants ignore climate change-PNN.pdf

2008-03-13 Battle looms over Maret Islands-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-03-13 Labor struggling to harness the mining boom monster-AFR.pdf

2008-03-13 North-west gas projects under the spotlight-Point Torment-ABC.pdf

2008-03-13 Tempers fray in gas debate-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-03-14 Kimberley Land Council rejects misrepresentation claims-ABC.pdf

2008-03-15 Darwin faces 'uphill battle' in bid for gas plant-ABC.pdf

2008-03-15 Inpex promises cyclone safety for staff-ABC.pdf

2008-03-15 On the Brink-Australian.pdf

2008-03-18 Australian cruise, Bond Street meets outback-UK Telegraph.pdf

2008-03-18 Conference puts spotlight on Kimberley resources development-ABC.pdf

2008-03-18 Govt announces emissions trading timetable-PNN.pdf

2008-03-18 Carbon tax or trading-PNN.pdf

2008-03-18 Too many ministers not enough gas on tap-PNN.pdf

2008-03-19 Plans to build a gas pipeline from the Kimberley to the Pilbara-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2008-03-19 Kimberley threatened by mining boom-7.30 Report ABC.wmv Movie 20mb

Transcript 2008-03-19 Kimberley threatened by mining boom-7.30 Report ABC.pdf

2008-03-19 Arnie terminates BHP project-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-03-20 Environmental process begins for Kimberley gas fields-ABC.pdf

2008-03-20 Petronet eyes smaller Aussie gas fields-PNN.pdf

2008-03-20 Land council's view clarified-Letters-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-03-20 Browse Gas Plan unfurled-Australian.pdf

2008-03-20 Guilty as charged-AFR.pdf

2008-03-20 Boom state catches the worry virus-AFR.pdf

2008-03-20 5958 Inpex discussions LC QON.pdf

2008-03-20 KLC denies favour - Letter-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-03-24 Alcoa eyes stake in onshore gas project-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-24 State's delay replacing Limerick isn't funny-Australian.pdf

2008-03-26 Repairs slated for Lombadina Airport-INPEX-ABC.pdf

2008-03-27 Kimberley Gas project-GWN.wmv Movie 6mb

2008-03-28 Garrett won't rule out Maret Islands gas facility-ABC.pdf

2008-03-28 Emissions trading worth $10bn-yr to Feds-Turnbull-PNN.pdf

2008-03-28 LNG hub depends on finding operator-Australian.pdf

2008-03-28 Indigenous power to veto is a danger, says Barnett-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-28 Ripper clarifies Kimberley gas plans-Business News.pdf

2008-03-28 Minister rejects media assertion on Kimberley hub-Ripper Media.pdf

2008-03-28 Conoco, Karoon wrap-up Browse Basin seismic-PNN.pdf

2008-03-28 Ripper and Garratt in the Kimberleys-ABC Stateline.wmv Movie 24mb

Transcript 2008-03-28 Ripper and Garratt in the Kimberleys-ABC Stateline.pdf

2008-03-29 Go with the flow-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-03-31 Ducking for cover on LNG operator-Australian.pdf

2008-04-01 5960 Formation waters produced from off shore facilities LC QON.pdf

2008-04-01 5959 Western Australian Museum & INPEX LC QON.pdf

2008-04-01 $180m heritage funding boost to aid Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-02 5957 Inpex and DEC LC QON.pdf

2008-04-02 Traditional owners key to WA gas hub-AFR.pdf

2008-04-03 Ministers hold LNG discussion-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-04-03 Browse hub is uncertain-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-04-03 Lombadina Airport attracts funding-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-04-03 Struggle against KLC-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-04-03 Delegates hope to bring 20,20 vision-Woodside-Business News.pdf

2008-04-07 ASG wins contracts worth $75m - INPEX-CBR.pdf

2008-04-07 Come one, come all- sharing of infrastructure takes centre stage-Australian.pdf

2008-04-07 Darwin Harbour our only NT option - Inpex-ABC.pdf

2008-04-07 Security a crucial issue at gas talks-Australian.pdf

2008-04-07 Shell May Use Floating LNG to Develop Prelude Field-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-04-07 WA Oil and Gas Conference-ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2008-04-07 395 Burrup and Northern Development Taskforce-QON Senate.pdf

2008-04-07 396 INPEX and federal assesment-QON Senate.pdf

2008-04-07 401 Standards of Ministerial Ethics-Gary Grey-Parliamentary Question.pdf

2008-04-08 Exploration work commitments trebled in 2007-PNN.pdf

2008-04-08 Kimberley resources key to indigenous people’s future-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-08 LNG to supply a third of Asia's energy-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-04-08 Prelude, Ichthys not linked - Shell-PNN.pdf

2008-04-08 Shell floats radical gas plant idea for Prelude-The Age.pdf

2008-04-08 Shell opts for $2b floating LNG plant at Prelude field-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-08 Use it or lose it, say Ministers-PNN.pdf

2008-04-09 $100bn LNG projects projected to flow-The Age.pdf

2008-04 Fighting for the Kimberley-Last Cast-Western Angler.pdf

2008-04-09 Australia Won't Meet LNG Growth Target, Woodside Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-04-09 CO2 Group & Inpex biosequestration announcement.pdf

2008-04-09 CO2 Group signs carbon biosequestration agreement-Trading Makets.pdf

2008-04-09 Woodside says Australia unlikely to triple LNG output over next decade-Forbes.pdf

2008-04-10 Inpex recognised in APPEA’s award-PNN.pdf

2008-04-10 Scorn for gas output prediction-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-11 Chevron UWA team up for research and training-PNN.pdf

2008-04-11 Floating a revolutionary idea-PNN.pdf

2008-04-11 Managing offshore industry and environment-PNN.pdf

2008-04-12 Voelte holds all the aces as gas train steams on-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-14 $5m carbon pledge fails to convince green group-ABC.pdf

2008-04-14 Millions of mallees to offset carbon-ABC.pdf

2008-04-14 Oilers engage in a polite Perth affair-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-04-14 Time LNG cheerleaders took a cold shower-PNN.pdf

2008-04-17 Accord to guide gas-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-04-17 Green award for LNG mining firm-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-04-17 Inpex wins APPEA environment award-Business News.pdf

2008-04-17 Labour shortage threatens to delay many LNG projects-Australian.pdf

2008-04-21 Australia's huge new liquid asset-Business News.pdf

2008-04-21 Opposition to gas plant impresses green group-ABC.pdf

2008-04-21 Task force head pledges to protect northern Australia-ABC.pdf

2008-04-21 Taskforce to drive the north's economic development-Media Release.pdf

2008-04-22 LNG, pipeline players nervous on emissions trading-PNN.pdf

2008-04-22 Northern development won't damage environment-ABC.pdf

2008-04-22 Oil hits new record above $118 a barrel-Reuters.pdf

2008-04-22 Port chief says Inpex deal will not distrupt fishing-ABC.pdf

2008-04-22 Water scientist endorses northern agriculture push-ABC.pdf

2008-04-22 Mallee tree group seeks $8m-AFR.pdf

2008-04-24 Shire takes position on the Browse Basin development-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-04-23 Kimberley shire welcomes new govt office-ABC.pdf

2008-04-27 Call for caution on Kimberley plan-West Aus.pdf

2008-05-27 WA Govt extends deadline for Kimberley bauxite mining plans-ABC.pdf

2008-04-28 Ferguson cutting red tape for energy reporting-PNN.pdf

2008-04-28 Ups and downs for Aussie GTL-PNN.pdf

2008-04-28 Lobby Group Concerned Carbon Trading To Hit Australian LNG-CNN.pdf

2008-04-28 See the top end on a road safari-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-30 Wayne Bergmann, Kimberley Land Council-National Press Club.wmv Large Movie file @ 66mb

2008-04-30 Resources boom must benefit all - Kimberley Land Council-Perth Now.pdf

2008-04-30 Australian Aboriginals Seek `Economic Partnerships' in LNG-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05 Exuberance ebbs away as supply crunch fears grow-Energy Report.pdf

2008-05-01 Gas prices too high-Woodside-ABC.pdf

2008-05-01 Woodside, Inpex may seek to link their Australian LNG projects-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-01 Woodside AGM-Extract-Perth.wmv Movie 28mb

2008-05-01 Zone support for Inpex-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-05-01 Kimberley plan in Gray's hands-Countryman.pdf

2008-05-01 LNG buyers paying more - Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-05-01 Plans for floating gas plant in region-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside bid to up China's LNG price-Australian.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside wary of oil price-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside, Inpex in talks on Browse, Ichthys options-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-03 Get set to go to polls before Wet-INPEX-NT News.pdf

2008-05-05 Woodside floating LNG plan-Australian.pdf

2008-05-06 Woodside denies talks with Inpex over Browse, Ichthys-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-06 6085 Regional Minerals program and Kimberley LC QON.pdf

2008-05-07 Foundation supports floating LNG hub plan-ABC.pdf

2008-05-07 Major Work planned for shelf ventures-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-05-08 Gas plant step closer-NT News.pdf

2008-05-08 Inpex says no to Glyde Point development-ABC.pdf

2008-05-08 Woodside Says Free Permits, Rebates May Offset Carbon Burden-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-08 BHP Billiton - Browse LNG Project To Cost More Than US$25 Billion-CNN Money.pdf

2008-05-08 Balance the key, says KLC-Countryman.pdf

2008-05-09 WA budget puts money where it matters APPEA-PNN.pdf

2008-05-09 Nine new exploration permits granted-Business News.pdf

2008-05-09 Inpex rules out floating LNG plant-ABC.pdf

2008-05-09 Australia awards nine new permits-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-12 Ripper spends big, priorities unclear-Australian.pdf

2008-05-12 $100 million - Total extravagance in the Browse-PNN.pdf

2008-05-15 Executives unclear on carbon commitment-WA Business News.pdf

2008-05-15 Inpex acquires interests in Australia permits-Reuters.pdf

2008-05-15 Inpex - start of Ichthys LNG output may be delayed-Reuters.pdf

2008-05-15 Inpex looks east-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-05-15 Inpex pushing ahead in NT-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-05-16 INPEX Acquires Interests in the WA-410-P and the WA-411-P-Oil Voice.pdf

2008-05-16 Woodside sells hot rocks stake in Geodynamics-Australian.pdf

2008-05-16 Woodside drops hot rocks-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-05-16 Inpex bags two Browse permits next to Ichthys discovery-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-16 Aussie NWS condensate excise may herald tax breaks-Oil and Gas Journal.pdf

2008-05-17 Mining rites-The Age.pdf

2008-05-19 Shell chief says all energy sources must be tapped-Australian.pdf

2008-05-20 Minister welcomes new giant oil and gas fields-Furguson Media.pdf

2008-05-21 Ichthys reserves estimated increased-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-21 TCF Awarded LNG Development Contracts By Woodside Energy-Red Orbit.pdf

2008-05-21 AFANT claims Inpex plant will cut access to Catalina Creeks-ABC.pdf

2008-05-22 Inpex upgrades Ichthys reserves by 50%-PNN.pdf

2008-05-22 Labor to overhaul native title law-Australian.pdf

2008-05-22 Environment is secondary to private profits-Age.pdf

2008-05-23 Inpex delays Ichthys first gas-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-26 Carpenter to unveil new resources mandarin-Australian.pdf

2008-05-26 Peak oil by royal decree-PNN.pdf

2008-05-27 Coalition to fight $2.5bn oil excise-Australian.pdf

2008-05-27 WA Govt extends deadline for Kimberley bauxite mining plans-ABC.pdf

2008-05-27 6221 3 dimensional marine seismic survey Scott Reef-LC QON.pdf

2008-05-28 Govt trying to clear hurdles for Inpex-ABC.pdf

2008-05-28 Inpex nervous about native title claim-Australian.pdf

2008-05-28 Native title claim over harbour-NT News.pdf

2008-05-28 Inpex new location-ABC.wmv Movie 3MB

2008-05-28 Inpex's interest more than a flash in Japan-West Aus.pdf

2008-05-29 Convert trucks to LNG analyst-PNN.pdf

2008-05-29 Henderson promises no danger to fishing from Inpex plant-ABC.pdf

2008-05-29 Land bid has Inpex 'nervous'-NT News.pdf

2008-05-29 NT steps up Ichthys chase-Energy Current.pdf

2008-05-29 Total control sought-INPEX-NT News.pdf

2008-05-29 Environmentalists worried about gas project competition-ABC.pdf

2008-05-29 Inpex upgrades Ichthys gas-condensate reserves-Oil&Gas.pdf

2008-05-29 Inpex May Use Floating Plant for Indonesia's Masela LNG Project-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-29 Bergmann speaks out about gas development-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-05-29 Century draws energy tenants-AFR.pdf

2008-05-31 WWII plane wreck found in Darwin Harbour may be heritage listed-ABC.pdf

2008-05-31 Japanese company consider using NT gas plant-ABC.pdf

2008-06-03 Blast affects Apache natural gas supplies to Australia-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-06-03 Blast hits Australia gas plant, disruptions seen-Guardian UK.pdf

2008-06-03 Plant explosion cuts gas to mining companies-ABC.pdf

2008-06-04 Environment Minister discusses Burrup and Kimberley with Leigh Sales-ABC Late Line.wmv Movie 7MB

Transcript 2008-06-04 Environment Minister discusses Burrup and Kimberley with Leigh Sales-ABC Late Line.pdf

2008-06-04 Explosion threatens WA gas supplies-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-04 Gas blast in WA-Sky News.pdf

2008-06-04 Gas plant explosion exposes State's vulnerability-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-04 Helium plant raises downstream dreams-NT News.pdf

2008-06-04 Indigenous gas development task force meets-ABC.pdf

2008-06-04 Inpex submits Abadi development plan-Energy Current.pdf

2008-06-04 WA gas in short supply after explosion-PNN.pdf

2008-06-04 5995 Hydro Aluminum, TR, Mitchell Plateau - LC QON.pdf

2008-06-04 6291 Cape Bougainville- LC QON.pdf

2008-06-05 Australia to Promote Coal-to-Liquids to Improve Energy Security-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-06-05 Business crisis looms after WA gas explosion-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-05 'Coal to gas' energy plan draws scepticism-ABC.pdf

2008-06-05 Concerns raised about WA gas supplies-PNN.pdf

2008-06-05 Gas taskforce meets-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-06-05 Larrakia groups at odds over Inpex-ABC.pdf

2008-06-06 Months before Varanus resumes production- Apache-Mining News.pdf

2008-06-06 Tax breaks to kick-start gas investment-PNN.pdf

2008-06-07 Darwin Mayor calls for better harbour planning-ABC.pdf

2008-06-07 Lawyer to lobbyist-Perer Dowding-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2008-06-08 Burrup Peninsula rock art-ABC Mornings.mp3

2008-06-09 Indonesia says Inpex proposes $19.6 bln LNG plant-Reuters.pdf

2008-06-10 Oil Basins Ltd to conclude deal with Kimberley Land Council-BuysellSignals.pdf

2008-06-11 'Olympic village needed' if Inpex comes to Darwin-ABC.pdf

2008-06-11 EPA making no environmental assessment of Inpex proposal-ABC.pdf

2008-06-11 Nigeria to launch world-first floating LNG-PNN.pdf

2008-06-12 Australian Natural Gas - How Much Do We Have And How long Will It Last-BigGav.pdf

2008-06-12 Henderson touts NT as energy industry hub-Energy Current.pdf

2008-06-14 Pub baron to bankroll Kimberley eco resort-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-14 We can't cope, admits senior indigenous official-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-06-16 Australasia’s Gas Liquefaction Plans-Energy Tribune.pdf

2008-06-17 Govt to be grilled over Inpex deal, in estimates-ABC.pdf

2008-06-17 Rio approves bauxite study-Queensland-MiningNews.pdf

2008-06-18 Inpex deal a wasted chance to bring down fuel costs, Wood-ABC.pdf

2008-06-24 Inpex deal could trigger early election-ABC.pdf

2008-06-25 Food shortage makes world hungry for fertiliser-Australian.pdf

2008-06-26 Woodside hosts forum-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-03 Shell seeks tenders for Prelude plant-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-04 Kimberley may lose gas plant- Opposition-ABC.pdf

2008-07-04 Nine options for LNG hub-AFR.pdf

2008-07-04 Significant step in Kimberley hub site search-Ripper Media.pdf

2008-07-05 WA gas hub plan attacked by Opposition-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-07 Gourdon Bay option support - STK Media.pdf

2008-07-10 Elders seek to expand gas hub site short list-ABC.pdf

2008-07-11 A gas supply disruption case study - the Varanus Island explosion-Peak Energy.pdf

2008-07-14 Inpex open to Kimberley LNG hub option-PNN.pdf

2008-07-17 Legal threat over gas islands-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-17 Owners push for LNG input-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-17 Pearl industry raises worries-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-17 Soaring oil, higher output deliver Woodside a record-Austalian.pdf

2008-07-19 Attack on Australian carbon trading scheme-Financial Times.pdf

2008-07-19 Carbon plan more smoke than action-Australian.pdf

2008-07-21 Inpex to make Ichthys decision by 3Q-PNN.pdf

2008-07-21 NT government calls August 9 election-Business News.pdf

2008-07-21 NT government calls August 9 election-The Age.pdf

2008-07-21 NT ups ante for Inpex's $12bn gas plant-Business News.pdf

2008-07-21 NT's early poll to secure gas plant-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-07-21 WA govt has been 'stuffing around' on LNG plant-PerthNow.pdf

2008-07-25 Kimberley Land Council calls for mining halt-ABC.pdf

2008-07-25 STK backs lesser of nine evils-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-07-25 Friends of Australian Rock Art condemn Tourism WA as insensitive-Media.pdf

2008-07-25 NT poll call ups stakes for WA on gas rivalry-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-26 It's territory v state in high-stakes LNG stoush-AFR.pdf

2008-07-28 Carbon cost to companies unlikely to fuel exodus-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-28 Woodside, Swan met on carbon concerns-Australian.pdf

2008-07-29 NT Labor hopes to attract voters, Inpex-PNN.pdf

2008-07-30 Bauxite Resources announces quarterly activities report-MineWeb.pdf

2008-07-30 Darwin beats Timor for LNG plant-Trading Markets.pdf

2008-07-31 Darwin beats Timor for site of LNG plant-Australian.pdf

2008-07-31 Shadow Minister in tour of Kimberley-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-31 Regional cultural plays-Business News.pdf

2008-07-31 Garrett's 17m hectare Kimberley plan attacked-Stock and Land.pdf

2008-08-01 Darwin firming for Woodside gas deal-NT News.pdf

2008-08-01 Woodside claims on Timor plant `false'-Australian.pdf

2008-08-01 Cheap gas over, says ex-Woodside executive-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-01 Heritage list fans Kimberley fears-West Australia.pdf

2008-08-01 Peter Garrett wants to heritage list the Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-02 Apache set to relieve WA gas crisis-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-02 Kimberley heritage move under fire-West Australia.pdf

2008-08-05 Garrett moves to ease fears for Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-06 Hydrogen-Media Wison Tuckey.pdf - 4mb

2008-08-07 Heritage listing fears-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-08-07 Kimberley in peril - Letter-Countryman.pdf

2008-08-07 Kimberley listing blasted-Farm Weekly.pdf

2008-08-07 Listing lashed-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-08-07 State-Feds talk LNG at development meeting-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-08-08 'Highly encouraging' uranium, gas discoveries in northern Australia-ABC.pdf

2008-08-08 Inpex makes new NW gas find-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-11 Hendo's a quiet bloke, but it looks like he'll win NT in a canter-Austalian.pdf

2008-08-11 Minimising the hurt in an emissions scheme-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-11 Western Australia could forgo LNG terminal-Australian.pdf

2008-08-11 Whale maternity ward discovered-Perth Now.pdf

2008-08-12 Mitsubishi Buys LNG From World's First Floating Plant-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-08-13 Inpex flags WA islands as best for LNG plant-NT News.pdf

2008-08-13 Kimberley whale nursery under threat, says green group-Perth Now.pdf

2008-08-13 Polluters to build world's biggest solar system in the bush-Stock and Land.pdf

2008-08-13 Territory leader Paul Henderson stands by early election call-Australian.pdf

2008-08-14 Fears rise over trading scheme risk to LNG-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-16 Imagine WA without ... The Amazing Kimberley, Advert-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-16 Inpex looks to plug and abandon Kimberley-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-17 Environment centre calls for experienced resource minister-ABC.pdf

2008-08-17 Gas plant decision a step closer-ABC.pdf

2008-08-21 Greens go local for the election-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-08-21 New gas discovery in the Kimberley's Browse Basin.pdf

2008-08-21 Scrutiny of NDT required - Letter-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-08-22 Darwin firms as site for $25b gas project-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-22 Colin Barnett State election Inpex-720 ABC.mp3 Audio

2008-08-23 Gas group leaves Ripper in cold-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-23 Ripper alone over gas claim-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-25 How not to foster an LNG industry-PNN.pdf

2008-08-25 Inpex continues to study Darwin option-PNN.pdf

2008-08-26 WA has lost $20b gas plant- Barnett-ABC.pdf

2008-08-26 West wobbles over Inpex gas plant deal-NT News.pdf

2008-08-27 Woodside boss urges natural gas investment-ABC.pdf

2008-08-27 Woodside may cut spending on LNG project-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-28 Call to consider environment-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-08-28 Environment is high on the agenda-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-08-29 Leaders face human chain of protest over Kimberley Industrial Expansion-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-01 Nationals support single hub-Media.pdf

2008-09-03 Kimberley resort faces green appeal-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-03 Kimberley wilderness park in Liberal $44m green packagae-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-10 Aboriginal tick for four potential gas hub sites-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-10 Kimberley owners shortlist Browse gas hub sites-AFR.pdf

2008-09-11 Downstream processing proves elusive-Business News.pdf

2008-09-11 Firms non-committal on Kimberley gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-11 New doubt over future of Kimberley gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-11 Oil and gas to drive north-west growth-Business News.pdf

2008-09-18 KLC name preferred Kimberley hub sites-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-09-18 Announcement of potential gas hub sites-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-09-18 Petroleum in Western Australia-DoIR Report.pdf 3.5MB

2008-09-19 Inpex committing to Darwin-PNN.pdf

2008-09-19 Inpex 'done deal' for Darwin-NT News.pdf

2008-09-22 Bran Nue Deal-4 Corners.wmv Movie 47mb

Transcript 2008-09-22 Transcript, Bran Nue Deal-Four Corners.pdf

Transcript 2008-09-22 Transcript, Interview - Betsy Donaghey, Woodside-Four Corners.pdf

Transcript 2008-09-22 Transcript, Interview - Wayne Bergmann, Kimberley Land Council-Four Corners.pdf

2008-09-22 Inpex deal to squeeze drum-tight city rents-NT News.pdf

2008-09-22 Barnett urged not to rush for Inpex-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-23 Territory chief dines with Japanese gas giant Inpex-Australian.pdf

2008-09-24 Australian Carbon Plan to Cut LNG Growth, Group Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-09-24 Barnett starts as WA Premier with a warning to Rudd-Australian.pdf

2008-09-24 New super agency won't be given additional funds-NT News.pdf

2008-09-25 Condensate bill a drive by on WA-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-25 End Woodside's tax break- Xenophon-WAtoday.pdf

2008-09-25 Kimberley gas projects - Letter-Business News.pdf

2008-09-26 Ferguson wants decision on Inpex's LNG plant-WAtoday.pdf

2008-09-26 Inpex goes to Darwin-ABC Stateline.wmv Movie 23mb

2008-09-26 Inpex chooses Darwin, 850-km pipeline for Ichthys-Oil & Gas Journal.pdf

2008-09-27 Aboriginal body raps Inpex for NT move-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-27 Barnett to make most of COAG-Sunday Times.pdf

2008-09-27 Fallout continues over Inpex decision to move to NT-ABC.pdf

2008-09-27 The great $12billion gas heist-NT News.pdf

2008-09-27 WA risks losing more gas projects-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-29 Close look needed at WA’s regulatory regime-PNN.pdf

2008-09-29 Darwin traditional owners clash over Inpex development-ABC.pdf

2008-09-29 Home prices shoot up following Inpex announcement-ABC.pdf

2008-09-29 Inpex opens door for Dow Chemicals-NT News.pdf

2008-09-29 Inpex project to threaten horticulture in the NT-ABC.pdf

2008-09-29 Inpex Selects Darwin Site for Ichthys LNG Processing Facility-redOrbit.pdf

2008-09-29 WA loses $24 billion gas processing project to Darwin-Find a Career.pdf

2008-09-30 Gas pull-out sparks WA blame game-Age.pdf

2008-09-30 Inpex taskforce call a 'bit late' for planning-NT News.pdf

2008-09-30 Kudos for Ichthys plan-PNN.pdf

2008-09-30 McLeod throws support behind Inpex planning taskforce-ABC.pdf

2008-09-30 Barnett will lay some of blame for Inpex loss at Federal door-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-30 Heritage worth more than cash on gas pipeline route-Letter-Australian .pdf

2008-10-02 $25 billion gas hub now to be built in Darwin-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-10-02 Blame flies as Inpex opts out-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-10-03 Fund won't be used for bailout - Albanese-Business News.pdf

2008-10-05 Inpex investment 'will bring long-term benefits' to NT-ABC.pdf

2008-10-06 CME not surprised by WA’s risky reputation-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-06 Minister backs 'Kimberley regional authority' plan-ABC.pdf

2008-10-07 Mining approvals still a mess- WA Auditor General-Mining News.pdf

2008-10-07 Rockets key to better gasification-PNN.pdf

2008-10-08 Inpex should build new suburb- Wood -NT News.pdf

2008-10-08 Plant to be visible, likely to restrict fishing- Inpex-ABC.pdf

2008-10-09 Inpex plans work camp-NT News.pdf

2008-10-09 Regulatory revamp needed- Productivity Commissioner-PNN.pdf

2008-10-09 World's biggest chemical supplier eyes off Darwin Harbour-ABC.pdf

2008-10-09 WWF calls for ban of LNG plants in Kimberley-PNN.pdf

2008-10-10 Debate over another gas plant at middle arm-ABC.pdf

2008-10-10 Newsletter - Securing Australias Energy Future-Wilson Tuckey.pdf

2008-10-11 Bowler calls for Heritage Act review-Kal Miner.pdf

2008-10-13 Global financial crisis prompts Woodside rethink-ABC.pdf

2008-10-13 Heritage Act hurting resource development - Bowler-ABC.pdf

2008-10-13 Inpex project 'just the start of Australia's LNG future'-ABC.pdf

2008-10-14 CO2 transportation the new challenge- APIA-PNN.pdf

2008-10-14 Emissions trading scheme is dead - Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-10-14 ETS ‘dead on arrival’ - Voelte-PNN.pdf

2008-10-14 Financial crisis hits LNG - Don Voelte-Australian.pdf

2008-10-15 Barnett may axe gas hub task force-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-15 Barnett names preferred LNG site-Business News.pdf

2008-10-15 Government targets Aboriginal site for LNG precinct-WAtoday.pdf

2008-10-15 Kimberley cries out for conservation-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-15 North Head shapes as Barnett’s pick for gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-15 Premier names preferred site for LNG hub-ABC.pdf

2008-10-15 Short list of Kimberley LNG precinct sites announced-Barnett Media.pdf

2008-10-15 Gas hub-WIN.wmv Movie 8.5 MB

2008-10-16 Barnett nominates Kimberley gas site-AFR.pdf

2008-10-16 Barnett picks North Head as Kimberley LNG site-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-16 Climate change action is urgent- Garnaut-The Age.pdf

2008-10-16 Kimberley site for LNG hub must be assessed-WA today.pdf

2008-10-16 LNG racism - Letter-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-10-17 Pearl farms warn of damage and disease-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-17 Woodside keeps mum about LNG expansion and falling oil price-The Age.pdf

2008-10-17 Woodside revenues boom thanks to new projects-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-10-18 Accord aimed to keep our heritage safe-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-10-18 Barnett's LNG hub hits hurdle-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-18 Scientists want $110m for Kimberley study-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-20 Barnett urges gas over coal for Australia's energy needs-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-10-20 Gas link to eastern states-PerthNow.pdf

2008-10-20 W. Australia Proposes Cross-Country Gas Pipeline to Cut Carbon-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-10-21 Australia holds line on carbon scheme-carbonpositive.pdf

2008-10-21 Barnett calls for increased gas usage-PNN.pdf

2008-10-21 Barnett emissions trade a pipe dream - Conservation Council-WAtoday.pdf

2008-10-21 NT Govt moves to guarantee land for Inpex plant-ABC.pdf

2008-10-21 Premier Colin Barnett suggests gas pipeline-Australian.pdf

2008-10-21 WA-Transcontinental pipeline can supply east with gas-find a career.pdf

2008-10-21 Woodside limits recruiting due to economic slowdown-PNN.pdf

2008-10-22 Inpex deal 'insurance policy'-NT News.pdf

2008-10-22 Likely site for gas hub-Koori Mail.pdf

2008-10-23 Call for science to catch up-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-10-23 Carbon taskforce to focus on CO2 storage sites-PNN.pdf

2008-10-23 Colin Barnett's approach to LNG-EDITORIAL-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-10-23 Exclude pastoral areas-PGA-Farm Weekly.pdf

2008-10-23 MP picks Price's Pt-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-10-23 North Head-Kimberley LNG hub-Letter-Business News.pdf

2008-10-25 Kimberley LC Hub petition.pdf Petition

2008-10-25 The most precious resource of all-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-10-26 Darwin locals feeling housing squeeze-ABC.pdf

2008-10-26 Showdown looms over Kimberley gas hub decision-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-28 Australian Unlimited- Aborigines facing 'social disaster'-Australian.pdf

2008-10-30 Anger at heritage plan-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-10-30 Ramos Horta attacks Woodside CEOs-Channel 9.pdf

2008-10-30 No veto power for traditional owners- Barnett-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-10-31 East Timor Renews Claim on Lucrative Oil and Gas Pipeline-Voice of America.pdf

2008-10 Australia's grand plans-Energy Report.pdf

2008-10 Sellers' market here to stay-Energy Report.pdf

2008-11-03 Bauxite Resources enters off-take deal-Business News.pdf

2008-11-03 Bauxite signs MoU with Chinese-Mining News.pdf

2008-11-04 Barnett defends Faragher appointment-ABC.pdf

2008-11-04 Conflict forces Minister to sit out LNG debate-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-04 Opposition criticises government over environment appointment-ABC.pdf

2008-11-04 WA may still benefit from Ichthys- Moore-PNN.pdf

2008-11-05 Minister’s Woodside link too open to abuse-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-05 Council worry at mining hub-Koorie Mail.pdf

2008-11-06 Barnett facing fresh interest conflict claim-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-06 A message for Mr Flannery - Letter-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-11-06 Minister’s Woodside link potential conflict of interest- Ripper-PNN.pdf

2008-11-06 Premier to view gas site-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-11-07 Shell spuds Browse Basin well-PNN.pdf

2008-11-08 State paid Aboriginals $7m for gas hub talks-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-10 Activists rally against Kimberley gas hub-ABC.pdf

2008-11-10 Ancient land, wild heart-Mercury.pdf

2008-11-10 LNG hub would not harm environment- Barnett-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-10 WA natural gas demand to double by 2015- report-PNN.pdf

2008-11-11 $2.2mto get tourists to gorgeous Kimberley -West Aus.pdf

2008-11-11 Aboriginals block road to Beagle Bay in protest over gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-11 Collision course over gas project-WAtoday.pdf

2008-11-11 Community bars bureaucrats to protest Beagle Bay gas plan-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-11 Kimberley dreaming-Australian.pdf

2008-11-11 Kimberley LNG hub will not hurt environment- Barnett-PNN.pdf

2008-11-12 Darwin seeks planning advice from Alaska-ABC.pdf

2008-11-12 Inpex revises forecast in light of economic crisis-ABC.pdf

2008-11-12 Let us finish consultations on gas precinct- KLC-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-12 More hurdles for Kimberley LNG plan-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-12 Chat with the Premier-Mornings 6PR.mp3 Audio 1.5 mb

2008-11-13 Council votes on LNG-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-11-13 Inpex builds presence in west-Australian.pdf

2008-11-13 Kimberley gas development essential- Barnett-ABC.pdf

2008-11-13 WA’s future energy security vulnerable-PNN.pdf

2008-11-14 LNG demand still growing- Woodside-PNN.pdf

2008-11-14 Sun may still rise for East Timor-PNN.pdf

2008-11-14 Bishop calls for more consultation on gas hub-ABC.pdf

2008-11-14 Woodside floats plan for pirate plant-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-11-15 Moore sticks by his guns in mines row-WAtoday.pdf

2008-11-17 Gas plant chief's threat to move to East Timor-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-11-17 Group to advise on WA approvals process-Mining News.pdf

2008-11-17 Historic Beagle Bay divided over gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-17 Kimberley to get Royalties for Regions funding-ABC.pdf

2008-11-17 Minister remains defiant over wife's shares-ABC.pdf

2008-11-17 Oil and gas giant feels the pain of the high cost of money-AFR.pdf

2008-11-17 Voelte floats an interesting question-PNN.pdf

2008-11-19 Moore's wife sells mining shares-ABC.pdf

2008-11-20 Aboriginals want $2m more to continue gas talks-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-20 Beagle Bay voices LNG opposition-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-11-20 Community opposition to LNG development-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-11-20 Gas backflip from Barnett-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-11-20 Landowners claim $1.2b offer was not passed on-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-20 Moore’s wife sells conflict row shares-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-21 KLC accuses Govt of leaking documents-ABC.pdf

2008-11-21 Land council must account for spending-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-23 No special carbon deal for LNG- Rudd-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-24 Aborigines angry over WA port plan-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-11-24 East Timor finds evidence to resist Woodside gas plan-The Age.pdf

2008-11-25 Australia star urges govt to 'Keep Kimberley wild'-WAToday.pdf

2008-11-25 Jack Thompson backs Kimberley campaign-Perth Now.pdf

2008-11-25 Companies told to declare emission targets-ABC AM.pdf

2008-11-26 Woodside May Sell Shares to Fund 2009 Spending, JPMorgan Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-11-26 Inpex holds community meetings in Darwin-ABC.pdf

2008-11-27 Big gas users call for incentives for producers-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-27 ConocoPhillips set to start Browse drilling-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-27 Financial meltdown won't stop Inpex deal-NT News.pdf

2008-11-27 Inpex framework tabled in parliament-PNN.pdf

2008-11-27 Premier to raise emissions trading, GST funding at COAG-ABC.pdf

2008-11-27 Rugged wilderness-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-28 Crisis not affecting NT market-NT News.pdf

2008-11-28 Largest campaign launched for the Kimberly region by APT-Travel Blackboard.pdf

2008-12-02 Buswell hand passes Native Title to premier-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-03 Barnett betting on Browse to anchor Kimberley LNG hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-03 Woodside seeks next big gas discovery in deepwater-Offshore.pdf

2008-12-04 DomGas calls for producer incentives-Business News.pdf

2008-12-04 Gas supply delay puts fertiliser plant's restart plans back on hold-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-04 Heavy industry - Letter-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-12-04 Mixed response to uranium-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-12-04 Owners voice LNG concerns-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-12-04 Thompson lends voice to campaign-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-12-05 Aborigines reject Browse LNG offer-Guardian UK.pdf

2008-12-05 Oil and gas project red tape 'costing billions'-Australian.pdf

2008-12-05 WA Govt looks to eliminate native title on public works land-ABC.pdf

2008-12-05 A push to extinguish native title on land needed for public works-ABC.mp3 Audio .5MB

2008-12-06 Traditional owners reject Woodside offer-ABC AM.mp3 Audio 1.5MB

Transcript 2008-12-06 Traditional owners reject Woodside offer-ABC AM.pdf

2008-12-08 KLC knocks back Woodside’s $500M offer-PNN.pdf

2008-12-08 Projects Update Pages-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2008-12-09 Native title royalty cash payments face axe-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-09 Proposed Offshore LNG Terminal Earmarked for Downsizing-Malabu Surfside News.pdf

2008-12-10 Kimberley gas hub site to be known shortly-ABC.pdf

2008-12-10 WA considers two Kimberley region sites for LNG hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-10 WA risks power shortages, Premier warns-Australian.pdf

2008-12-11 Barnett takes hardline stance to land for LNG hub-PNN.pdf

2008-12-11 'Coal is the problem - gas is the solution'-WAtoday.pdf

2008-12-11 Govt will buy Kimberley LNG land if needed- Barnett-WAtoday.pdf

2008-12-11 I'll take West Australian native land- Barnett-Australian.pdf

2008-12-11 Don Voelte, Sam Walsh join WAN-Business News.pdf

2008-12-11 WA vows to fight on for $12 billion gas plant-NT News.pdf

2008-12-11 Gas hub opponents 'won't be intimidated'-ABC.pdf

2008-12-11 Greens condemn Barnett’s old school approach to Kimberley-Media Siewert.pdf

2008-12-11 Media release on Barnett on Native Title-ANTaR.pdf

2008-12-11 Gas hub in Kimberley-Drive 6PR.mp3 Audio 3.5MB

2008-12-11 Kimberley gas hub-GWN News.wmv Movie 1.4 MB

2008-12-12 Barnett's Kimberley plan slammed-WAtoday.pdf

2008-12-12 Kerry Stokes wins battle for the West Australian newspaper-Australian.pdf

2008-12-12 Pipeline plan 'will do nothing for WA'-WAtoday.pdf

2008-12-12 LNG hub protest-GWN News.wmv Movie 6.5MB

2008-12-13 Whale area put Japanese firm off Barnett gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-15 Door ajar for Inpex - Premier-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-16 A little unsettled but mainly fine-AFR.pdf

2008-12-17 Inpex seeks farm-in partners for Ichthys, Abadi-Energy Current.pdf

2008-12-17 Premier's threat on land spa anger-Koori Mail.pdf

2008-12-18 James Price Point firms as site for Western Australian LNG hub-Platts.pdf

2008-12-18 Transcript - Premier Barnett's doorstop-Gov Media.pdf

2008-12-18 Gas hub-GWN News.wmv Movie 2MB

2008-12-18 Premier Colin Barnett must tread lightly in the Kimberley-Media WWF.pdf

2008-12-18 Protests as gas plans go ahead-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-12-18 Fight over gas hub heats up-Kimberley Echo.pdf

2008-12-18 Higgins to join LNG campaign-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-12-18 The LNG issue - Letter-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-12-19 Broome council votes no to gas hub, wants options explored-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-19 Broome shire says no to LNG hub-PNN.pdf

2008-12-19 EPA rejects two WA sites for LNG hub-The Age.pdf

2008-12-19 EPA snubs Premier's choice for LNG hub-Business News.pdf

2008-12-19 EPA to release gas sites assessment-ABC.pdf

2008-12-19 Garret warns WA on processing hub-AFR.pdf

2008-12-19 Gas hub sites rejected by EPA-Perth Now.pdf

2008-12-19 Site for gas hub to be known before Christmas-West Aust.pdf

2008-12-19 WA to decide on Kimberley hub by X'mas-Energy Current.pdf

2008-12-19 West Australia Environment Agency Rejects Preferred LNG Site-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-12-19 Gas hub controversy-GWN News.wmv Movie 8.6MB

2008-12-19 Gas hub debate-Channel 10.wmv Movie 6.5MB

2008-12-19 Gas site-ABC.wmv Movie 6.5MB

2008-12-19 Interview with Premier, Colin Barnett-Mornings 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 3MB

2008-12-19 LNG gas hub site-Mornings 6PR.mp3 Audio 4MB

2008-12-19 LNG gas hub-WIN News.wmv Movie 8MB

2008-12-20 Watchdog rejects Barnett’s gas hub -West Aus.pdf

2008-12-22 Barnett refuses to rule out North Head gas hub-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-22 Govt urged to consult KLC in Kimberley gas talks-ABC.pdf

2008-12-22 Opposition leader says the Premier will create a social tragedy-ICNN.pdf

2008-12-22 Proposed gas processing hub-WIN News.wmv Movie 8MB

2008-12-22 WWF-tagged turtle swims into troubled Kimberley waters-Media WWF.pdf

2008-12-23 Don’t rush LNG site decision, Garrett urges Barnett-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-23 First floating LNG plant faces delay-Reuters India.pdf

2008-12-23 Land Council welcomes talks on Kimberley LNG hub-ABC.pdf

2008-12-23 Liberal-National Government makes decision on LNG precinct-Media Premier.pdf

2008-12-23 Press Release James Price Point-Kimberley Whales.pdf

2008-12-23 WA govt chooses site for LNG precinct-Brisbane Times.pdf

2008-12-23 WA govt chooses site for LNG precinct-The Age.pdf

2008-12-23 WA Premier reveals Kimberley gas hub site-Perth Indy Media.pdf

2008-12-23 West Australia Selects James Price Point as LNG Hub-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-ABC.wmv Movie 8MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-Channel 7.wmv Movie 1.5MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-Channel 9.wmv Movie 7.5MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-Channel 10.wmv Movie 7MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-GWN.wmv Movie 8MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-WIN.wmv Movie 7.5MB

2008-12-23 Land and ancient ways in dire peril-Western Suburbs Weekly.pdf

2008-12-24 Barnett backs down on LNG processing site-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-24 PM Kevin Rudd backs Colin Barnett push for LNG hub-Australian.pdf

2008-12-24 Putin warns of higher gas prices-Business News.pdf

2008-12-24 Australia government backs forced land buy for LNG-Reuters.pdf

2008-12-24 Inpex gears up for FEED-NT News.pdf

2008-12-24 James Price Point chosen for Kimberley LNG hub-PNN.pdf

2008-12-24 James Price Point will host WA LNG hub-Energy Current.pdf

2008-12-24 Kimberley gas proposal generates anger-ABC AM.mp3 Audio 1.5MB

Transcript 2008-12-24 Kimberley gas proposal generates anger-ABC AM.pdf

2008-12-24 New WA gas project won't move us- Inpex-ABC.pdf

2008-12-24 WA gas hub proposal has environmentalists concerned-ABC.pdf

2008-12-24 Woodside delays naming Browse Basin LNG site until June-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-27 Kimberley braces for call of progress-Australian.pdf

2008-12-27 Go-ahead for lower-quality gas to lure more developers-West Australian.pdf

2008-12-29 Western Australia taps Kimberley site for LNG hub-Oil and Gas.pdf

2008-12-30 2008 offshore exploration-PNN.pdf

2008-12-31 2008 liquefied natural gas-PNN.pdf

2009-01-03 Broome ready for fight as gas hub polarises town-West Aus.pdf

2009-01-03 Conservationist fights to preserve Kimberley whale song-West Aus.pdf

2009-01-04 Government promises full assessment for gas hub-ABC.pdf

2009-01-04 Woodside puts money back into North-West Shelf-AFR.pdf

2009-01-04 Whale concerns-ABC.wmv Movie 6.5MB

2009-01-05 Barnett to push ahead with gas hub plan-West Aus.pdf

2009-01-05 EK&FARA Burrup no go for Browsegas-Media.pdf



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