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Dampier Rock Art & associated media files

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1961-01-11 Tiny isle may be key to N-W riches-Weekend News.pdf

1964-12-23 Outlet port to be at King Bay-Media-Minister for Education and Native Welfare.pdf

1967-11-22 Dampier Salt Agreement Second Reading-Court.pdf

1970-04-07 The Rock Art of lost Australia-Australian.pdf

1973-01-25 First Carving to Japan-Hamersley News.pdf

1973-02-08 Rock Carvings could be 15,000 yo-Hamersley News.pdf

1973-06-28 Carvings sites to be gazetted-Hamersley News.pdf

1973-07-26 Aboriginal sites to be excavated-Hamersley News.pdf

1974-06-27 Local expert recognised-Virili-Hamersley News.pdf

1974-09-12 Finds could date Aboriginal past-Hamersley News.pdf

1976-05-06 Help wanted for archaeological work-Hamersley News.pdf

1979-05-10 Dampier Peninsula Named-Hamersley News.pdf

1979-05-24 Historical Survey planned-Hamersley News.pdf

1979-05-24 Woodside releases shelf report-Hamersley News.pdf

1980-02-07 Report details 14 Week Expedition-Hamersley News.pdf

1981-09-24 Ancient Treasures saved-Pilbara Times.pdf

1982-02 Sylvia Hallam on Burrup-UNIVIEW-University of Western Australia.pdf

1994-06 Comment called on the Burrup-Prospect Magazine.pdf

1994-07-10 Pilbara Industrial Development-Limerick-Media.pdf

1994-09-02 Legal action against Environmental Protection Authority-Media.pdf

2002-04 Burrup Update-Greener Times.pdf

2002-04-25 Rock art site plans enrage Greens-West Aus.pdf

2002-04-26 Alarm over ancient art-West.pdf

2002-04-26 Greens warn of State blowout on gas limits.pdf

2002-04-27 Rock art fears alarmist-West.pdf

2002-05-23 Burrup-ABC Perth Mornings Liam Bartlett.pdf

2002-05-23 Media Release- Shire opposes Burrup freehold -- suggests Maitland is the answer.pdf

2002-06 Burrup Development Proposals Fail the Test-Greener Times.pdf

2002-06-01 Burrup claimants hit industry plans-West.pdf

2002-06-06 Narluma Yindjibarndi Media statement.pdf

2002-06-10 Hundreds march to save rock art-Australain.pdf

2002-06-10 Warning over Burrup move-West.pdf

2002-06-12 Petitions seek Burrup Protection-North West Telegraph.pdf

2002-06-13 CCWA Media Release-Burrup.pdf

2002-06-19 Burrup-JJJ Interview.pdf

2002-06-19 Claim Aboriginal rock art neglected-ABC.pdf

2002-06-28 Taskforce to study Burrup rock art threat-West.pdf

2002-06-29 Ancient secrets of lost art-West.pdf

2002-06-29 Methanex hits heritage row-West.pdf

2002-06-29 The Battle for the Burrup-West.pdf

2002-07-01 Industry kicks up the red dust of history-Australian.pdf

2002-07-16 $3.4m gamble on Burrup Peninsula decision-West Australian.pdf

2002-08-13 KDCCI NEWS RELEASE -- Maitland Industrial Estate Task Force.pdf

2002-08-20 Dr Vinnicombe on Burrup and Maitland-6KP.pdf

2002-08-23 WA landmarks on endangered list-West,Age.pdf

2002-08-26 Anti-Burrup bid grows-West.pdf

2002-08-27 Firms stick with Burrup-West.pdf

2002-08-28 Council clears Burrup ammonia plant-ABC News.pdf

2002-10-09 High Noon in West Gas showdown-AFR.pdf

2002-12-06 Council clears Burrup ammonia plant-ABC.pdf

2003-02-07 Talantyre Methanol Plant Emissions-ABC.pdf

2003-02-08 Burrup Environmental Project-ABC.pdf

2003-02-12 Burrup Monitoring-Minister Media.pdf

2003-04 The Burrup (Murujuga) can still be saved-Greener Times.pdf

2003-05-28 Agreement to boost Indigenous job opportunities-ABC.pdf

2003-07-03 Aboriginal groups win native title bid-ABC.pdf

2003-07-18 Research to consider emissions impact on rock carvings-ABC.pdf

2003-09-25 Rock art collection listed as endangered-ABC.pdf

2003-10-21 Largest Art Museum threatened-Aus Geographic.pdf

2003-12-29 Leading Aboriginal activist dies-West Aus.pdf

2004-01-14 Burrup art lobby taps Amex funds-West Aus.pdf

2004-01-14 Minister slams lobby trying to stop Burrup projects-Australian.pdf

2004-01-14 Rock art threatened by industry-AAP.pdf

2004-02-07 Arte Aboorigena Australiana La Tutela Negata-ArchViva.pdf

2004-07-01 Deal reached on Pilbara's ancient rock art-ABC.pdf

2004-07-02 Praise for WA rock art decision ABC.pdf

2004-08-01 When two's a crowd-The Adelaide Review.pdf

2004-08-18 Security stepped up at NW port-West Aust.pdf

2004-08-25 Space-age technologies to protect rock art-AAP.pdf

2005-12-01 Woodside Corporate Structure from Financial Report.pdf

2005-09-01 They’re on a road to nowhere-Business News.pdf

2006-01 Acid Rain Kills The World’s Greatest Ancient Art Gallery-Minerva.pdf

2006-01-19 Burrup ammonia plant on hold as Plentex sells out-West Aus.pdf

2006-01-20 Burrup blues $900 m project under threat-AFR.pdf

2006-01-20 Carpenter fails to deliver on Burrup (Liberal Party).pdf

2006-01-23 Burrup Blues-AFR.pdf

2006-01-24 Strategy rethink required for Burrup-AFR.pdf

2006-01-26 Costs hit Burrup Ammonia Plant-Business News.pdf

2006-02-01 Fertiliser furore-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-02-22 Burrup Fertiliser Advertorial-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-03-09 Colin Barnett MLA-Rock Art Speech.pdf

2006-03-11 Burrup to get nod in stakes for Pluto plant-West Aus.pdf

2006-03-21 Call to save rock art-Barnett-Western Suburbs Weekly.pdf

2006-04-10 World class rock art in danger-West.pdf

2006-04-12 Stoush over Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-04-20 $700 million boost for Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2006-04-20 Costs deter Burrup investors-AFR.pdf

2006-04-20 Gas prices could harm downstream industries-Burrup Fertilisers-Business News.pdf

2006-04-22 Monument under threat-Weekend Australian.pdf

2006-04-26 Woodside names Pluto site-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-05-01 Afternoons 6PR, Chat with Colin Barnett, MLA.mp3 Audio 7mb

2006-05-03 Archeologists push to protect rock art, Australian.pdf

2006-05-03 Thrash Audio 3.5mb

2006-05-04 Commonwealth to provide death knell for Karratha.pdf

2006-05-05 News ABC North West, Burrup Peninsula rock art.mp3 Audio

2006-05-05 Dampier Rock Art Forum-National Trust Media.pdf

2006-05-10 World class rock art in danger-West.pdf

2006-05-11 Bid to deny rock art heritage-Australian.pdf

2006-05-13 Tassy tiger art on rock art in ruckus, Australian.pdf

2006-05-13 World class rock art in danger, West Australian.pdf

2006-05-19 Bulldozer threat to ancient Aboriginal art-UK Telegraph.pdf

2006-05-22 Aboriginal rock art site faces the bulldozers-South China.pdf

2006-05-27 Pilbara Arts Rocky Road-West Aus Weekend Extra.pdf

2006-05-31 Tassy Tigers on rock Art-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-05 Bedreigde rotskunst-Royal Dutch Geology and Mining Society.pdf

2006-06 Bulldozing Stonehenge-Indigenious Law Bulletine V6 I20.pdf

2006-06-01 Top cave art site faces industrial expansion- Christian Science Monitor.pdf

2006-06-04 Stones concert features rock in role-The Age.pdf

2006-06-05 7.30 Report Channel 2, Unique carvings cause debate on Burrup Peninsula.wmv Movie 35mb

2006-06-06 Australian, Not your place, writer fights for rock art.pdf

2006-06-07 World Heritage linked to Burrup-Northern Guardian.pdf

2006-06-10 Dancers take Dreamtime to Stonehenge-ABC.pdf

2006-06-15 Drawn by Aboriginal Art-West Aus.pdf

2006-06-17 Weekend Australian Jacques Chirac.pdf

2006-06-19 News ABC North West.mp3 Audio

2006-06-20 Mornings 6PR, Liam Bartlett.mp3 Audio 3.5mb

2006-06-22 ABC North West, Rural and Resources Report Siewert.mp3 Audio 2mb

2006-06-22 News GWN.wmv Movie 12mb

2006-06-23 Howard Satler, Ray Martin, David Parker Drive 6PR.mp3 Audio 4mb

2006-06-24 WA's stonehenge threatened by Burrup plan, West Australian.pdf

2006-06-25 60 Minutes Channel 9, Sacred stones.wmv Movie 97mb

Transcript 2006-06-25 60 Minutes Channel 9, Sacred stones.pdf

2006-06-26 Gary Slee-ABC North West.mp3 Audio 5.5mb

2006-06-27 Burrup-SBS radio-Ken Boas.mp3 Audio 1.7mb

2006-06-28 ABC North West Rachel Siewert.mp3 Audio 1.7mb

Transcript 2006-06-28 ABC North West Rachel Siewert.pdf

2006-07-01 Engrave Danger Weekend Australian.pdf

2006-07-05 Australian Jacques Chirac.pdf

2006-07-05 Trust Urges Burrup Plan-Koorie Mail.pdf

2006-07-11 Burrup Aboriginal art protected, AAP.pdf

2006-07-11 Protection for NW rock art, Sunday Times.pdf

2006-07-11 McGowan launches new plan to conserve Burrup Peninsula-Media.pdf

2006-07-12 720 ABC, Colin Barnett.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2006-07-12 720 ABC, Colin Barnett.pdf

2006-07-12 ABC North West, Burrup Peninsula protection 2.mp3 Audio

2006-07-12 ABC North West, Burrup Peninsula protection.mp3 Audio

2006-07-12 Art wages war-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-07-12 Call for public submissions, Pilbara News.pdf

2006-07-12 Channel 2, Burrup environment management plan.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2006-07-12 Draft Plan looks at greater Burrup Peninsula protection, ABC.pdf

2006-07-12 Government Notices, West Australian.pdf

2006-07-12 GWN, Burrup environment management plan.wmv Movie 9.5mb

2006-07-12 Woodside, stuck between a rock and a hard place, AFR.pdf

2006-07-13 ABC North West, Forum on Burrup rock art versus Burrup industry.mp3 Audio 15mb

2006-07-13 Brown fears for 'important' WA Rock Art, ABC.pdf

2006-07-13 Move rock art - Woodside, West Australian.pdf

2006-07-13 Rock art no bar to Fortescue line, AFR.pdf

2006-07-14 Brown promises to fight Burrup development.pdf

2006-07-14 News ABC North West, Brown.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2006-07-14 News ABC North West, Brown.pdf

2006-07-15 Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown ABC.wmv Movie 4.5mb

2006-07-15 Brown urges govts to save rock art.pdf

2006-07-15 News ABC North West, Brown Hicks McHale.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2006-07-15 News ABC North West, Brown Hicks McHale.pdf

2006-07-15 Rare Indigenous art 'bulldozed' AAP.pdf

2006-07-16 Sunday Times Save Rock Art.pdf

2006-07-19 Burrup to open up for tourists-Pilbara News.pdf

Woodstock: 2006-07-19 North West Telegraph Rock art protected, rail line developed.pdf

2006-07-19 Pilbara News-Rock art furore fires up.pdf

2006-07-19 West Australian-Voelte signs for infinity - or at least to $5b Pluto.pdf

2006-07-21 Indigenous views of the Burrup rock art-ABC NW.mp3 Audio 4mb

2006-07-23 Colin Barnett National Interest ABC.mp3 Audio 9mb

2006-07-24 Gas plan under fire-West.pdf

2006-07-25 Woodside rejects WA gas grab-West Australian.pdf

2006-07-26 Affordable and sustainable access to gas-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2006-07-26 Council absence-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-07-26 Fingers Crossed-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-07-26 Gas producer supports environment projects-Northern Guardian.pdf

2006-07-26 Support Industry Land Burrup Peninsula-North West Tele.pdf

2006-07-26 Evidence of pre-aboriginal Australians-Times Online.pdf

2006-07-27 Call to reserve gas ignites row-Australian.pdf

2006-07-27 Gold medal LNG deal loses gloss-AFR.pdf

2006-07-27 Voelte tightens Woodside grip-West Australian.pdf

Woodstock: 2006-07-28 Rock Art versus an Iron will-AFR.pdf

Woodstock: 2006-07-29-30 Woodstock advert.pdf

2006-07-31 Aboriginal Groups Benefit from the Burrup-Premier-Media statement.pdf

2006-07-31 State Cabinet in Karratha-ABC North West.mp3 Audio 4mb

2006-07-31 Woodside, Premier in gas talks-West.pdf

Woodstock: 2006-07 Brand New Day-AFR MAGAZINE.pdf

2006-08-01 Burrup rock art-Mulvaney-ABC North West.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2006-08-01 Carpenter's gas plan could backfire on WA-West.pdf

2006-08-01 Heritage listing for rock art-ABC North West.mp3 Audio

2006-08-01 Independent Chair-Premier-Media statement.pdf

2006-08-01 Woodside gas dispute far from over-AFR.pdf

2006-08-02 Burrup SBS.wmv Movie 23mb

2006-08-02 Fight to save peninsula rock art-Koori Mail.pdf

2006-08-07 In Search of Climbing Men-Time Asia.pdf

2006-08-08 Dampier Rock art-National Trust.pdf

2006-08-08 Future of rock to become global issue-The Age.pdf

2006-08-08 Rock Art-PM Radio National.mp3 Audio 4mb

2006-08-09 Burrup's future in heritage balance-West.pdf

2006-08-09 McFarlane to chair conservation body-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-08-11 Burrup Fertilisers ammonia leak-GWN.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2006-08-09 Burrup-a followup-SBS.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2006-08-14 Burrup Peninsula- Breakfast Radio National.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2006-08-15 Burrup Fertilisers suspected ammonia leak-ABC rural.mp3 Audio 4mb

Woodstock: 2006-08-16 Campaign to Save Indigenous Rock Art-Arts Hub Australia.pdf

2006-08-16 Leak sparks locals fears-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-08-17 Investigation fertiliser plant's ammonia leak-ABC.pdf

2006-08-17 Woodside hints at gas compromise-West Australian.pdf

2006-08-21 State to allow further destruction on the Burrup-Seiwert Media.pdf

2006-08-23 Awards short list-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-08-25 Burrup Fertilisers ammonia leak-ABC.mp3 Audio 8.5mb

2006-08-25 Woodside shuts LNG unit-Australian.pdf

2006-08-26 Come clean on Burrup vandalism-Media Release.pdf

2006-08-30 Ammonia release at Burrup Fertilisers-ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2006-08-30 News from Burrup fertilisers-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-08-30 Safety investigation completed-GWN.wmv Movie 3mb

2006-08-30 WA to fight heritage bid for Burrup-West.pdf

2006-08-31 Burrup Fertiliser Investigation-GWN.wmv Movie 6mb

2006-08-31 Premier's Burrup concerns unwarranted-Campbell-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 Aboriginal rock carvings-Burrup Peninsula-ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

Transcript 2006-09-04 Aboriginal rock carvings-Burrup Peninsula-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 Burrup Heritage must be protected-Media Release.pdf

2006-09-04 Burrup Peninsula on National Heritage list-ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

2006-09-04 Burrup Peninsula rock art-ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

2006-09-04 Burrup Peninsula-Resources Beat ABC.mp3 Audio

2006-09-04 Campbell seeks compromise between heritage and industry-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 Campbell to consider heritage request for Burrup peninsula-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 Campbell to decide Burrup heritage listing-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 Ed Letters- Burrup Risks-West.pdf

2006-09-04 EPA Advertisment.pdf

2006-09-04 EPA Bulletin 1228-Media Release.pdf

2006-09-04 Greens worried cabinet will allow destruction of rock art-AAP.pdf

2006-09-04 Protection of Burrup rock art-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 Protection of Burrup rock art-Campbell-ABC The World Today.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-09-04 Protection of Burrup rock art-part 2-ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-09-04 Rock art loses out to mine projects-Australian.pdf

2006-09-04 The World Today - Gas project threatens ancient rock art-ABC.pdf

2006-09-04 The World Today - Gas project threatens ancient rock art-ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-09-05 Ancient Australian rock art threatened by major gas project-AFP.pdf

2006-09-05 Approval escalates rock art war-Australian.pdf

2006-09-05 Australian rock art threatened by gas-Middle East Times.pdf

2006-09-05 Burrup rock art can move EPA-West.pdf

2006-09-05 Burrup rock art-Colin Barnett-6PR.mp3 Audio 3mb

2006-09-05 EPA defends Burrup gas project go-ahead-ABC.pdf

2006-09-05 Peter Andren MP-Burrup flyer.pdf

2006-09-05 Pluto project go ahead-ABC Resources.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2006-09-05 Rock Art no bar to LNG-AFR.pdf

2006-09-05 World's 'oldest rock art' set for destruction-Independent Online.pdf

2006-09-06 Australian energy project threatens ancient rock art-Gulf Times.pdf

2006-09-06 Burrup gets minor warning-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-06 Green outrage at Pluto plant nod-Upstream.pdf

2006-09-06 Heritage Move on Rock Art-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-06 Senator Rachel Siewert-burrup-fact-sheet.pdf

2006-09-08 Dollar is mightier than heritage-letter-West Aust.pdf

2006-09-08 Pressure on Woodside over ancient art-AFR.pdf

2006-09-12 Gas plant to disturb rock art-AFR.pdf

2006-09-13 Ancient Rock Art Vandalised-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-13 Burrup rock art to be moved-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-13 Proposal for Burrup Peninsula-ABC.mp3 Audio

2006-09-14 Aboriginal rock art under threat-ABC Science.pdf

2006-09-14 Rock art graffiti-ABC.mp3 Audio

2006-09-14 Vandalism of rock art Burrup Peninsular-ABC.mp3 Audio 3mb

2006-09-15 Ancient rock art decision handed down-Minister.pdf

2006-09-15 Gas project allowed near Aboriginal site-Herald Sun.pdf

2006-09-15 Gas project allowed near Aboriginal site-Townsville Bulletin.pdf

2006-09-15 Rock Art under threat-GWN.wmv Movie 3mb

2006-09-15 Rock art vandalism condemned-ABC.pdf

2006-09-06 Heritage Move on Rock Art-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-15 Woodside gas processing station approved-ABC North West.mp3 Audio

2006-09-16 Burrup rock art-ABC 720.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-09-16 Concerns over gas processing plant in WA-ABC.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2006-09-16 Concerns over gas processing plant in WA-ABC.pdf

2006-09-16 Greens values vie with need for growth-AFR.pdf

2006-09-16 Ruling protects ancient rock art-Australian.pdf

2006-09-16 Woodside nod to destroy or move rock art-West Aus.pdf

2006-09-17 Woodside told to move pipeline for art's sake-HT France.pdf

2006-09-18 Letters-West Aust.pdf

2006-09-18 Slow progress in assesing ancient work could breach agreement-West Aust.pdf

2006-09-18 Trust wonders if rock art Mona Lisa threatened-ABC Message Stick.pdf

2006-09-18 WA rock art still under threat-Arts Hub.pdf

2006-09-18 Woodside told to move pipeline for art's sake-CBC Canada.pdf

2006-09-20 Bonnie Burnham, International World Monuments Fund-ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5

2006-09-20 Rock art focus-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-20 Rock art threat approved-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-09-21 Aussie Values- Letters-West Aust.pdf

2006-09-26 Buggering up the Burrup-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2006-09-26 Shocking call on Rock Art-Fremantle Gazette.pdf

2006-09-29 Campbell backs Burrup heritage listing-The Age.pdf

2006-09-29 Campbell delays Burrup gas plant decision-ABC Message Stick.pdf

2006-09-29 Campbell delays Burrup gas plant decision-ABC.pdf

2006-09-29 Campbell-Minister-Media Release.pdf

2006-09-29 Campbell-Radio National AM.mp3 Audio 1mb

Transcript 2006-09-29 Campbell-Radio National AM.pdf

2006-09-29 Keeping Heritage Alive-The Extra Albany.pdf

2006-09-30 Federal Libs failing rock art, industry-Barnett-West Aus V1.pdf

2006-09-30 Federal Libs failing rock art, industry-Barnett-West Aus V2.pdf

2006-09-30 Gas plant threatens Australia's ancient art-The Independent.pdf

2006-09-30 Gas v Art-Cover Story-West Aus.pdf

2006-09-30 Govt accused of double standards over Kokoda mining stance-ABC.pdf

2006-09-30 Mine comes before art after war-AFR.pdf

2006-10-02 Big Brother Australia is breathing down tiny neighbours neck-Khaleej Times UAE.pdf

2006-10-02 Burrup Fertiliser-a lesson in boom-time costs- Forbes Asia.pdf

2006-10-02 Burrup heritage decision delayed-Telegraph.pdf

2006-10-02 Campbell to take time on Burrup Peninsula decision-ABC.pdf

2006-10-02 Decision on Burrup rock art - months away-Australian.pdf

2006-10-02 Why this sacred symbol must not be desecrated-Letters the Age.pdf

2006-10-03 Don't delay National listing-SBS.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2006-10-03 New factors prompt further Burrup Peninsula consideration-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

Transcript 2006-10-03 New factors prompt further Burrup Peninsula consideration-ABC.pdf

2006-10-03 Patriotic Posturing-Letter-Australian.pdf

2006-10-04 Campbell has no reason not to protect the Burrup-Brown.pdf

2006-10-04 Energy giant funds rock art scholarship-Courier Mail.pdf

2006-10-04 National Trust backs Burrup heritage report-ABC.pdf

2006-10-04 Parlimentary plant probe-Burrup Fertiliser-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-10-04 Postcards choke Campbells mailbox-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-10-04 Senator wants more time to decide-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-10-05 Aboriginal rock art debate goes public-ABC.pdf

2006-10-05 Archaeologist defends Woodside's art scholarship-ABC Message Stick.pdf

2006-10-05 Burrup rock art scholarship-The World Today-ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2006-10-05 Rock art scholarship-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.7mb

2006-10-05 Un Australian-Letter-West Aus.pdf

2006-10-05 Woodside offers rock art scholarship-ABC Message Stick.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-10-05 Woodside to fund Burrup rock art scholarship-WABN.pdf

2006-10-05 Woodside's rock art scholarship labelled a PR stunt-ABC.pdf

2006-10-06 Burrup Peninsula heritage listing-ABC Stateline.wmv Movie 35mb

2006-10-06 Smelling Salts, Burrup Fertiliser- Forbes Asia.pdf

2006-10-06 Woodside - Burrup threat-Oxfam.pdf

2006-10-08 Australian energy company to fund rock art scholarship-Archeo News.pdf

2006-10-09 Trekking into controversy -Age.pdf

2006-10-09 Woodside Burrup plans concern Indigenous groups-ABC.pdf

2006-10-10 Art for Eternity-Nova West.pdf

2006-10-10 Burrup pages from ProGeo News.pdf

2006-10-10 Burrup-A clash of the Titans-Greener Times.pdf

2006-10-10 List the Burrup Today-Media Siewert.pdf

2006-10-10 Questioning the future of the burrup-Siewert-Campbell-Hansard.pdf

2006-10-11 Ancient art to make way for gas plant-Australian.pdf

2006-10-11 Better environment for long-term development-Australian.pdf

2006-10-11 Fed Govt flags heritage listing law changes-ABC.pdf

2006-10-11 Government to overhaul environment act-Age.pdf

2006-10-12 Burrup rock art lost as Woodside expands-West Aus.pdf

2006-10-12 Campbell says Burrup rock art will be disturbed-WA Business News.pdf

2006-10-12 Government to Strengthen Australia's Environmental Law-Media Campbell.pdf

2006-10-12 New environment legislation ignores climate change-Media Albanese.pdf

2006-10-12 Worries changes to heritage laws will favour developers-ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

Transcript 2006-10-12 Worries changes to heritage laws will favour developers-ABC.pdf

2006-10-16 1st Scientific Report- Minister media.pdf

CSIRO Report 2006-10-16 Burrup final report.pdf 5mb

2006-10-16 Burrup rock art-Bowler-ABC.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2006-10-16 Burrup rock art-Bowler-ABC.pdf

2006-10-16 Burrup rock art-CSIRO-ABC.mp3 Audio

2006-10-17 Burrup air quality study proves nothing-Media Release.pdf

2006-10-17 Rock art risk report out of date-West Australian.pdf

2006-10-17 Rock art Safe from emmisions-AFR.pdf

2006-10-17 Study on rock art by CSIRO-ABC.mp3 Audio

2006-10-18 Burrup air quality under review-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-10-18 Emissions not effecting Burrup rock art-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2006-10-18 Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill-Hansard-Garrett.pdf

2006-10-18 Greens welcome a way forward on the Burrup-Media Release.pdf

2006-10-18 Woodside offers rock art scholarship-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-10-18 Woodside rocked by Pluto veto-Australian.pdf

2006-10-19 Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill-Hansard-Ferguson.pdf

2006-10-19 Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill-Hansard-Peter Andren.pdf

2006-10-19 Environment Bill labelled draconian-West Aus.pdf

2006-10-19 Woodside sidesteps gas-for-WA demand-West Aus.pdf

2006-10-20 Govt asked to play part in saving Burrup rock art-ABC.pdf

2006-10-26 BURRUP Federal Govt urged to protect ancient WA rock art-Indy Media.pdf

2006-10-26 In the balance boom or environmental bust-AFR.pdf

2006-10-28 Barnett plea for Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2006-10-28 Power behind the boom-Weekend Aus.pdf

2006-10-31 Burrup treasure is history in the taking-Australian.pdf

2006-11-01 Backing the Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-11-07 Letter from the CC Karratha to Eric Ripper MLA.pdf

2006-11-08 Burrup aMDEA leak report made public-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-11-10 Woodside Burrup Peninsula-GWN.wmv Movie 11.5mb

2006-11-11 Colin Barnett newsletter.pdf

2006-11-11 Heritage ICOMOS-Carmen Lawrence.pdf

2006-11-14 FPRA meeting flyer.pdf

2006-11-14 Letter to Senator Ian Campbell.pdf

2006-11-15 CCI Karratha position paper on Burrup.pdf

2006-11-15 Legislative Council Statement-Giz Watson.pdf

2006-11-16 Burrup Motiion-Australia ICOMOS.pdf

2006-11-16 Carmen Lawrence MP on Burrup-ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

2006-11-16 Woodside shares down on downgrade-WA Business News.pdf

2006-11-17 Carmen Lawrence-ABC.pdf

2006-11-17 Woodside falls on foul-ups-West Aus.pdf

2006-11-17 Slippery Choice-Australian.pdf

2006-11-17 Boom and Doom-West Australian.pdf

2006-11-22 Hope for LNG Aboriginal Link-West Australian.pdf

2006-11-22 Rock Art report Wrong-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-11-22 The problem with having an Indigenous cultural experience-Crikey.pdf

2006-11-23 Karratha and Districts Chamber of Commerce letter to Eric Ripper MLA.pdf

2006-11-24 Parties unite on ancient rock art-Australian.pdf

2006-11-24 Rock art decision delay-AFR.pdf

2006-11-25 Aboriginal icons destroyed for profit-Melbourne Indy.pdf

2006-11-25 Rock Art Rage-West Aus.pdf

2006-11-27 Federal Hansard.pdf 1.5mb

2006-11-27 Speech Dr Carmen Lawrence-Parliament.pdf

2006-11-27 We Disagree-Letters-West Aus.pdf


2006-11-28 Burrup submissions close-Greens Media.pdf

2006-11-28 Industry and heritage can co-exist-Premier.pdf

2006-11-28 Statement by Premier national heritage listing.pdf

2006-11-28 Support for National Heritage Listing-NTWA.pdf

2006-11-28 Wood side and National Heritage Listing-Woodside Media.pdf

2006-11-28 Woodside drops opposition to heritage listing of rock art-ABC.pdf

2006-11-28 Woodside no longer opposed to heritage listed-Barnett-ABC.mp3 Audio 3mb

2006-11-28-State drops opposition to rock art listing-AAP.pdf

2006-11-28-WA drops opposition to Burrup listing-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2006-11-28-WA to allow heritage listing of rock art-ABC.pdf

2006-11-28-Woodside drops opposition to heritage listing of rock art-West Aus.pdf

2006-11-29 Battle continues to save rock art- Letters West.pdf

2006-11-29 Burrup heritage gets nod-West Aus.pdf

2006-11-29 Burrup rock art-GWN.wmv Movie 11.5mb

2006-11-29 Multi Million Dollar Marina for Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-11-29 Rock art and industry can co-exist-Perth Now.pdf

2006-11-30 Thank you-GetUp.pdf

2006-12-01 Burrup Destruction About to Start-FPRA.pdf

2006-12-01 open letter to The Prime Minister of Australia-McAlpine letter.pdf

2006-12-01 Press Release Dampier rock art WMF.pdf

2006-12-04 Letter to Ed-Art in Danger-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-05 12 things for Kevin-Sydney Indy Media.pdf

2006-12-05 Burrup Emergency Listing-Additional information.pdf

2006-12-05 Burrup Emergency Listing-Cover letter.pdf

2006-12-05 Burrup Emergency Listing-Media alert.pdf

2006-12-05 Campbell and Siewert-Emergency listing the Burrup Peninsula-Hansard.pdf

2006-12-05 Dr Carmen Lawrence-Burrup-Media Statment.pdf

2006-12-05 Emergency heritage listing–Burrup-Greens.pdf

2006-12-05 Federal MPs urge Minister to protect Burrup Peninsula-ABC.pdf

2006-12-05 Heritage listing Burrup Peninsula threatens gas industry-ABC.pdf

2006-12-05 Heritage listing Burrup Peninsula threatens gas industry-Message Stick.pdf

2006-12-05 More ICOMOS highlights-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2006-12-06 Aboriginal icons destroyed for profit-Green Left Weekly.pdf

2006-12-06 Archaeologists' group backs push to protect rock art-ABC.mp3 Audio

2006-12-06 Archaeologists' group backs push to protect rock art-ABC.pdf

2006-12-06 Burrup emergency listing infuriates Campbell-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-06 Carmen Lawrence-New Matilda.pdf

2006-12-06 Carpenter in Burrup backflip-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-12-06 Fate of rock carvings known in 10 days-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-06 Minister slams push for listing-AFR.pdf

2006-12-06 Play highligts rock art rage-Pilbara News.pdf

2006-12-06 Significance of the Burrup Aboriginal rock art-ABC.mp3

2006-12-06 State of the Environment report-Burrup-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2006-12-06 State of the Environment report-ABC.mp3 (full interview) Audio 4mb

2006-12-06 Address by Senator the Hon Ian Campbell to the National Press Club.pdf

2006-12-07 Greens slam environmental law overhaul-SMH.pdf

2006-12-07 Hasse and rock art-ABC.mp3

2006-12-07 Letter to the Editor-Hallam-UNPUBLISHED.pdf

2006-12-07 Rock art row sees MP reject calls for Heritage listing-ABC.pdf

2006-12-08 Funding approval for Pluto long lead items-Woodside ASX.pdf

2006-12-08 Riebling rock art comments under attack-ABC.pdf

2006-12-08 Woodside spends $1.4b Pluto-Business News.pdf

2006-12-08 Woodside to activate reinvestment-Australian.pdf

2006-12-08 Woodside to spend $1.4b on Pluto project-Age.pdf

2006-12-09 Macfarlane critical of WA's conditions on Woodside project-ABC.pdf

2006-12-09 State passes buck on Heritage-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-11 Burrup Emergancy-Radio National Breakfast.mp3 Audio 4.5mb

2006-12-11 Bush Telegraph-Gregory-Hicks on Burrup-ABC.mp3 Audio 5mb

2006-12-11 Pluto Assesment - EPA Advert.pdf

2006-12-12 Woodside Study promts new calls to move plant - West Aust.pdf

2006-12-13 Japan deal secures shelf supply - Australian.pdf

2006-12-14 Burrup for Christmas-Media Statement.pdf

2006-12-14 Woodside board approves funding-WA Business News.pdf

2006-12-14 Woodside talks satisfactory-WA Business News.pdf

2006-12-15 Greens upset at Burrup heritage snub-WA Business News.pdf

2006-12-16 In Brief-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-16 Stirling Range put on heritage list-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-17 Bob Brown at the National Press Club.pdf

2006-12-18 Green games-SMH.pdf

2006-12-18 Uniting Church on the Burrup-John Watson-Media.pdf

2006-12-19 Lawrence expects Burrup decision soon-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2006-12-19 Rocky art of politics could soon lose Barnett -West Aus.pdf

2006-12-20 New WA tourist trail to include Indigenous heritage-ABC.pdf

2006-12-20 NTWA media release re World Heritage Listing.pdf

2006-12-20 Rally backs Burrup rock art protection-9 MSN.pdf

2006-12-21 Govt urged to protect Burrup rock art-Channel 9.pdf

2006-12-21 John Mulvaney-Radio National Breakfast.mp3 Audio 4mb

2006-12-21 s324F Emergency Decision Campbell.pdf

2006-12-22 Appeal to save rock art-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-22 Application to protect Burrup rock art rejected-ABC.pdf

2006-12-22 Burrup-7.30 Report ABC.wmv Movie 12mb

2006-12-22 Burrup no listing-Siewert-Media.pdf

2006-12-22 Burrup rock art-Barnett-720 ABC.mp3 Audio 4mb

2006-12-22 Burrup-Melbourne Indymedia.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-12-22 Campbell rejects Dampier Archipelago for heritage listing-ABC.mp3 Audio 7mb

Transcript 2006-12-22 Campbell rejects Dampier Archipelago for heritage listing-ABC.pdf

2006-12-22 Fed Govt rejects Dampier Archipelago for heritage list -ABC AM.pdf

2006-12-22 Fed Govt rejects Heritage listing-ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

2006-12-22 Govt refuses listing for Burrup art site-Age.pdf

2006-12-22 Govt refuses listing for Burrup art site-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-22 Howard cabinet shuffle coming soon-Australian.pdf

2006-12-22 Woodside keen to move in on Burrup Peninsula-ABC.mp3 Audio 5mb

Transcript 2006-12-22 Woodside keen to move in on Burrup Peninsula-ABC.pdf

2006-12-22 Woodside to remove rock art ASAP-ABC.pdf

2006-12-23 Ancient rock art to be removed to make way for Australian gas project-CBC.pdf

2006-12-23 Burrup gas to go ahead as rock art bid rejected-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-23 Campbell axes Burrup heritage list-Australian.pdf

2006-12-23 Lawrence urges protection of rock art area-ABC.pdf

2006-12-23 Project Manager Infrastructure Development-Advertisement.pdf

2006-12-23 Refusal to put rock art on heritage list condemned-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2006-12-26 Burrup heritage listing rejected-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2006-12-26 EPA Notice on Pluto PER-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-28 2007 set to be a gas, gas, gas-Australian.pdf

2006-12-28 Burrup Fertilisers faces gas shortfall-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-28 Mining liability to be shared-Australian.pdf

2006-12-29 Gas hopes spring a leak in Pilbara-Australian.pdf

2006-12-30 Howard wants change-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2006-12-30 Row clouds Burrup plant-West Aus.pdf

2006-12-31 Letter to the Editor-Sunday Times.pdf

2007-01-01 Stand up for the Burrup Spain- Barcelona Indy Media.pdf

2007-01-01 pages from RIMM Newsletter Issue1.pdf

2007-01-02 Raft of measures to avert disaster-Australian.pdf

2007-01-08 Burrup Peninsula construction-GWN.wmv Movie 3mb

2007-01-08 Woodside begins work on Burrup Peninsula-ABC TV.wmv Movie 7mb

2007-01-08 Work starts on Burrup LNG plant-ABC.pdf

2007-01-08 Work starts on Woodside gas plant on Burrup Peninsula-WA Business News.pdf

2007-01-09 Rock-art row mars Woodside gas start-Australian.pdf

2007-01-09 Woodside starts on gas plant-Border Mail.pdf

2007-01-09 Work starts on NW rock art site-West Aus.pdf

2007-01-09 Burrup News-AlJazeera News.wmv Movie 7mb

2007-01-11 Removal of ancient rock art- Perrigo-GWN.wmv Movie 11.5mb

2007-01-15 Wilfred Hicks - GWN.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-01-17 Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo Rock Art Destruction-Media.pdf

2007-01-17 Woodside kick starts Pluto-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-01-17 More Burrup Heritage Destroyed-Koori Mail.pdf

2007-01-18 Rock art archiving-Mornings 6PR.mp3 Audio 4mb

2007-01-18 Woodside's Grey may replace Beazley-Australian.pdf

2007-01-19 Rudd backs Gray return-Australian.pdf

2007-01-19 A tantalising view of Pluto-AFR.pdf

2007-01-19 Aborigines give Woodside cold shoulder-AAP.pdf

2007-01-19 Burrup native title claimants boycott Woodside's vandalism-WA Business News.pdf

2007-01-19 Preserving profits, destroying the past-Leftwrites.pdf

2007-01-19 Rudd clears way for Gray-Australian.pdf

2007-01-19 Gary Gray Rudd's pick to replace Beazley-West Aus.pdf

2007-01-22 ACF Update-ACF Web.pdf

2007-01-22 FARA vigil-Media release.pdf

2007-01-22 Protesters demand rock art explanation-Courier Mail.pdf

2007-01-22 Vigil FPRA-IndyMedia Melbourne.pdf

2007-01-22 WA rock art removal given thumbs up by Indigenous group-ABC.mp3 Audio

Transcript 2007-01-22 WA rock art removal given thumbs up by Indigenous group-ABC.pdf

2007-01-23 Rock Art Protest-GWN.wmv Movie 5mb

2007-01-24 Campbell loses but gains new role-Australian.pdf

2007-01-24 Pluto outrage-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-01-24 WA Aboriginal art heritage threatened-Guardian.pdf

2007-01-25 Burrup Progress- Campbell Media.pdf

2007-01-25 Burrup rock art must be protected- Letters West Aus.pdf

2007-01-25 Native title claimants boycott Woodside's Burrup 'vandalism'-National Indigenous Times.pdf

2007-01-25 Stand up for the Burrup-GWN.wmv Movie 2mb

2007-01-25 Woodside confirms Gray's departure as preselection looms-WA Business News.pdf

2007-01-25 Native Title claimants boycott Woodside's Burrup 'vandalism'-Indigenous Times.pdf

2007-01-26 Turnbull asked to save art on Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2007-01-26 Aboriginal heritage site threatened-Green Left.pdf

2007-01-31 Process Water pressures-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-02-01 FARA says no-Greener Times.pdf

2007-02-02 Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation Statement- Media.pdf

2007-02-05 Environmental Protection Authority Advert.pdf

2007-02-06 Group fights for Burrup Rock Art-Fremantle Gazette.pdf

2007-02-06 Chevron and Sasol step on the gas-PNN.pdf

2007-02-06 Woodside plays down reports of revenue shortfall-Business News.pdf

2007-02-06 Australia, trivelle contro l'arte aborigena-La Repubblica.pdf

2007-02-07 Protesto contra petroleira na Austrália-O Globo Online - Rio de Janeiro.pdf

2007-02-07 Pluto Project Risk Remains Persistent-Shaw Stockbroking.pdf

2007-02-07 Taking a stand-Fremantle Gazette.pdf

2007-02-07 Statement of Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation to Minister Roberts.pdf

2007-02-10 Le Lot defend les grottes d'Australie (French) - La Depeche.pdf

2007-02-12 BHP possiible bid for Woodside-Australian.pdf

2007-02-12 Burrup Pluto Development-Rete Italia Au.mp3 Audio 7mb

2007-02-14 Campaign goes global-Koori Mail.pdf

2007-02-14 Les Lotois oeuvrent pour la sauvegarde... (French) - La Depeche.pdf

2007-02-15 Pluto gas plant-Rock art-GWN.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2007-02-16 Galloping natural gas demand puts heat on suppliers-Age.pdf

2007-02-16 Sauver les gravures rupestres aborigenes (French) - Semaine du Lot.pdf

2007-02-19 Woodside says LNG may not follow oil market-Australian.pdf

2007-02-19 State backs Labor veto call on worst polluters-West Aus.pdf

2007-02-19 FARA open letter to Turnbull.pdf

2007-02-19 Woodside 700-bed mining camp-GWN.wmv Movie 1.5mb

2007-02-21 Woodside First Half Profit Rises-CNBC.pdf

2007-02-21 Pilbara drive hopes to increase tourism-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-02-21 Rock art decision looms-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-02-21 New plea to save Burrup rock art-West Aus.pdf

2007-02-21 Industry Rocking the Burrup (French)-Communiqué Robin des Bois.pdf

2007-02-21 Industry Rocking the Burrup (English)-Communiqué Robin des Bois.pdf

2007-02-22 Burrup awaits listing-GWN News.wmv Movie 9Mb

2007-02-22 Turnbull Works For Burrup Solution-Media.pdf

2007-02-22 No decision on Pluto until June or August-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2007-02-22 A Return to Government by the People-Lt Gen (Ret) John Sanderson.pdf

2007-02-23 Turnbull like Pontius Pilate-FARA Media.pdf

2007-02-23 Burrup announcement-GWN News.wmv Movie 10mb

2007-02-23 Burrup bulldozed while Turnbull fiddles-Siewert Media.pdf

2007-02-24 Historic rock art lies in dust and rubble-Australian.pdf

2007-02-27 Woodside Pluto Site B, Aboriginal Culture and Heritage-Parliamentary Statement.pdf

2007-02-27 Committee backs Burrup Peninsula heritage move-Fremantle Gazette.pdf

2007-02-28 What decision-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-02-28 WA Govt green lights Woodside Burrup clearing-ABC.pdf

2007-02-28 Burrup gas project is approved despite rock art worries-West Aus.pdf

2007-02-28 Burrup Rock Art-GWN.wmv Movie 6mb

2007-03 Burrup LNG Park Fact Sheet-Woodside.pdf

2007-03 Pages 12-13 from Woodside_Concise_Annual_Report_2006.pdf

2007-03 Pages 36-39 from Woodside_2006_Sustainable_Development_Report.pdf

2007-03-01 Sending out an SOS-French News.pdf

2007-03-08 Julian Grill still a friend, says Labor star recruit-Australian.pdf

2007-03-09 Bomber anoints successor-Weekend Courier.pdf

2007-03-10 Cultural Values Advisory Group Advertisement-Australian.pdf

2007-03-12 Woodside Petroleum LNG’s Golden Future-Shaw Stockbroking.pdf

2007-03-14 The Burrup Gets Burked-New Matilda.pdf

2007-03-14 Burrup air quality good as Perth suburbs-Prospect.pdf

2007-03-14 Reasons why WA needs to keep some of its gas supplies-Prospect.pdf

2007-03-14 First steps for Pluto - with a global-Prospect.pdf

2007-03-16 Lt Gen Sanderson on Aboriginal issues & Burrup-ABC.wmv Movie 23mb

Transcript 2007-03-16 Lt Gen Sanderson on Aboriginal issues & Burrup-ABC.pdf

2007-03-17 Burrup art protest hits Cott-Post News.pdf

2007-03-17 Lt Gen Sanderson on Burrup-News 6PR.mp3 Audio

2007-03-18 North West Shelf project to double LNG supply to Japan-Forbs .pdf

2007-03-19 Colloquium on The Future of Heritage-Open letter Australian MPs.pdf

2007-03-21 Woodside Exclusion Zone-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-03-21 Woodside Social Impact-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-04 Sky InFlight Magazine.pdf

2007-04-03 Hon Barbara Scott-Petition on Burrup-Legislative Council.pdf

2007-04-04 Precious artefact or meaningless scribble-PROSH UWA.pdf

2007-04-07 Greenmail in the outback-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-07 Our Time is Now-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-07 Tout un monde - Interview Remi V & Martin P - FranceCulture.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2007-04-12 Downer Engineering secures $200m in contracts-Shaw Stockbroking.pdf

2007-04-13 Defendre les sites menaces - Michel Lorblanchet (French) - La Depeche.pdf

Translation 2007-04-13 Protecting endangered sites - Michel Lorblanchet (English) - La Depeche.pdf

2007-04-14 Woodside Responds-Fish-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2007-04-17 Burrup Peninsula-Turnbull-ABC.wmv Movie 6.5mb

2007-04-17 Burrup rock art vandalised-GWN.wmv Movie 1mb

2007-04-17 Turnbull in Perth on mission-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-17 Turnbull-Hicks on Burrup-GWN.wmv Movie 5mb

2007-04-18 Burrup Peninsula rock art-Perrigo-Drive ABC.mp3 Audio 3mb

2007-04-18 Burrup rock art-Turnbull-720 ABC.mp3 Audio

2007-04-18 Burrup will be heritage listed, says Turnbull-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-18 Burrup will be heritage listed, says Turnbull-2-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-18 Call to move industry away from Burrup-Ludlam-6PR.mp3 Audio

2007-04-18 Chunk of Andersons superblock nets $22m-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-18 Rock Art And Resources-AustraliaTalks ABC.mp3 Audio 11mb

2007-04-18 Burrup heritage listing within months Turnbull-National Indigenous Times.pdf

2007-04-19 Burrup heritage listing within months-Turnbull-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2007-04-19 Perth vies for dearest home-Australian.pdf

2007-04-19 Woodside and rock art-Woodside.pdf

2007-04-19 Woodside AGM Address.pdf

2007-04-19 Woodside AGM Uniting Church Statement.pdf

2007-04-19 Woodside AGM Uniting Church Statement & Answer.wmv Movie 11mb

2007-04-19 Woodside AGM Question and GetUp delivery.pdf

2007-04-19 Woodside AGM Question-GetUp delivery & Answer.wmv Movie 7mb

2007-04-19 Lecture on Burrup Art-Albany Advertiser.pdf

2007-04-19 Shortages force Woodside to revise development plans-WA Business News.pdf

2007-04-20 Church rocks Woodside gas site plans-Australian.pdf

2007-04-20 Woodside higher costs possible-Herald Sun.pdf

2007-04-21 Ancient rock art vandalised-West Aus.pdf

2007-04-21 Leave Burrup-Letters-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2007-04-23 Federal Government to ban Beach Access-Riebling.pdf

2007-04-24 Burrup Fred Riebeling-Road-ABC.mp3 Audio 4mb

2007-04-25 Burrup art protected- Pilbara News.pdf

2007-04-25 Letters to the editor Jump-up disgrace-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-04-25 Burrup to be listed, but...-Koori Mail.pdf

2007-04-26 LNG projects still on horizon-Business News.pdf

2007-04-26 Fred Riebeling against heritage listing of the Burrup-720 ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2007-04-28 Burrup Fertilises-Supreme Court in superblock battle-Subiaco Post.pdf

2007-05 National and international treasure under siege-Transit Lounge.pdf

2007-05 Burrup saving face-Nuovo Paese.pdf

2007-05-02 Woodside May Swap Pluto LNG Stake to Enter Atlantic-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-05-02 Stand Up for the Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-05-02 Locked Up, Conzinc to close-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-05-02 Indian family buys super block-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-05-03 Burrup listing expected within months Turnbull-National Indigenous Times.pdf

2007-05-03 Woodside mulls swapping LNG assets-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2007-05-03 Woodside mulls asset swap for Atlantic LNG-West Aus.pdf

2007-05-03 Woodside fuels talk of Pluto swap for chance to tap Atlantic-The Age.pdf

2007-05-03 Police asked to widen Woodside probe-The Age.pdf

2007-05-03 Pluto gives Woodside room to move-AFR.pdf

2007-05-05 Getting a grilling-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2007-05-08 Pages from Port Authority Development Plan.pdf

2007-05-09 PH levels Question Minister for the Environment.pdf

2007-05-10 Dampier rainwater as acidic as Beer-Rock Art Research.pdf

2007-05-16 Highway to culture-Northern Guardian.pdf

2007-05-22 Push to save Rock Art-Western Suburbs Weekly.pdf

2007-05-23 WOODSIDE destroying Aboriginal sacred site-Indy Media.pdf

2007-05-28 Burrup-Hansard-Dr Lawrence (Fremantle).pdf

2007-05-30 Industry high risk to rock art-West Aus.pdf

2007-05-31 Barnett Lawrence-GWN.wmv Movie 6.5mb

2007-05-31 Burrup rock art treatment poor, says Barnett-West Aus.pdf

2007-05-31 Robin Chapple on Burrup-RTRFM.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-06 Burrup gets Burked-AAS Newsletter.pdf

2007-06-01 Federal law favoured to protect Burrup rock art-West Aus.pdf

2007-06-03 Malcolm Fraser-Burrup message.pdf

2007-06-03 FARA media release Burrup Melbourne.pdf

2007-06-04 Fraser joins fight to save ancient Pilbara rock art-Age.pdf

2007-06-04 Fraser Ripper-GWN.wmv Movie 6.5mb

2007-06-06 World Monuments Fund Unveils 2008 Watch List.pdf

2007-06-06 World Monuments Fund Dampier listing.pdf

2007-06-08 Australia makes worst 100-Daily Telegraph.pdf

2007-06-08 Rock art among endangered gems-Australian.pdf

2007-06-08 WA rock art site joins Route 66 on 'most at risk' list-News.Com.pdf

2007-06-12 AAS Newsletter.pdf

2007-06-12 Bonnie Burnham WMF listing-GWN.wmv Movie 4mb

2007-06-12 Fran Kelly's Breakfast-ABC Radio National.mp3 Audio 2.5

2007-06-13 High risk to Art-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-06-14 Burrup Interview, Alex Sloan, R Chapple-ABC 666.mp3 Audio 3mb

2007-06-14 Countdown begins for $10bn Pluto project-Business News.pdf

2007-06-16 Burrup Interview, Steve Gordon R Chapple-6PR.mp3 Audio 3mb

2007-06-16 Woodside looks to extend Shelf life of gas projects-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-06-16 Gas shortage may kill $1b urea project-West Aus.pdf

2007-06-18 Pipeline chief warns on gas supply restrictions-West Aus.pdf

2007-06-20 Roderick rocks Aus with film and music-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-06-20 Shortage to kill 1b project-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-06-21 Dampier charts course for growth-Countryman.pdf

2007-06-21 Push to list WA rock art as national heritage-Canberra Times.pdf

2007-06-21 State Government backs heritage values of Dampier Archipelago.pdf

2007-06-21 Eric Ripper jumps gun-GWN News.wmv Movie 1mb

2007-06-21 Heritage Statement by Minister for State Development Heritage.pdf

2007-06-26 Voelte defends Woodside-Herald Sun.pdf

2007-06-27 Browse media relase-FARA.pdf

2007-06-27 Burrup rock art treatment a third world effort, say Libs-North West Telegraph.pdf

2007-06-27 Industry is a 'high risk' to rock art-North West Telegraph.pdf

2007-06-27 Phantom player stalking Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-06-27 Woodside considers Pluto plant for Browse Basin-Business News.pdf

2007-06-28 Woodside set to sidestep green protest-Australian.pdf

2007-06-29 National Heritage, Rock Engravings and Industry-DoIR.pdf

2007-07 Pluto LNG Project Project Approval FAQ-Woodside.pdf

2007-07-02 State of the Environment Report-Heritage.pdf

2007-07-02 Dampier rock art National Heritage Listing – Woodside must go now-Royal Dutch Shell

2007-07-03 Dampier Archipelago Joins National Heritage List-Turnbull Media.pdf

2007-07-03 No S127 Gazette Notice National Heritage List.pdf

2007-07-03 Dampier Archipelago including Burrup Peninsula Heritage Map.pdf

2007-07-03 Heritage listing for ancient Aboriginal rock art-ABC news.pdf

2007-07-03 Lawrence, Siewert, Andren-Joint Media Release.pdf

2007-07-03 Turnbull, Lawrence Burrup rock art heritage listed-ABC Mornings North West.mp3 Audio 4mb

2007-07-03 Turnbull, Chapple, Ripper-PM 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-07-03 Heritage listing for ancient Aboriginal rock art-Message Stick.pdf

2007-07-03 Heritage listing for the Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2007-07-03 Burrup's rare rock art to be protected-West Aus.pdf.pdf

2007-07-03 Australian Ancient Indigenous Rock Art To Be Heritage Listed-AHN Media Corp.pdf

2007-07-03 National Heritage Listing Ripper-10 News.wmv Movie 2mb

2007-07-03 National Heritage Listing-ABC.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2007-07-03 National Heritage Listing-GWN News.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2007-07-03 Ripper welcomes Burrup heritage listing-West Aus.pdf

2007-07-03 Ancient rock art to be

2007-07-04 Siewert-Riebling-Afternoons ABC Regional Statewide.mp3 Audio 7mb

2007-07-04 Burrup to do double duty-Australian Financial Review.pdf

2007-07-04 Heritage listing not enough for rock art protectors-Australian.pdf

2007-07-04 Rock art listng not enough say MPs-West Aus.pdf

2007-07-04 Not Happy with Listing-GWN News.wmv Movie 4mb

2007-07-06 Chamber of Minerals, Trevor Solomon, Chapple-Rural and Resources Report ABC.mp3 Audio 5mb

2007-07-09 Interview Fanny V announcing Rocamadour Stand Up (French) - Décibel FM.mp3 Audio 5mb

2007-07-10 Another Hurdle cleared by Pluto-Australian.pdf

2007-07-10 EPA gives conditional approval to Pluto plan-West Aus.pdf

2007-07-10 EPA says no to LNG-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2007-07-10 Woodside Plant on Track-AFR.pdf

2007-07-10 Woodside shrugs of EPA's Pluto rejection-West Aus.pdf

2007-07-11 Burrup's rare rock art gets some protection-North West Telegraph.pdf

2007-07-11 Rock Art protection not enough-North West Telegraph.pdf

2007-07-11 Rock Carvings get protection-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-07-12 Plutp LNG plant fails EPA test-Business News.pdf

2007-07-13 Uniting Church to pressure Woodside over gas plant concerns-ABC.pdf

2007-07-13 Uniting Church pressures Woodside over workplace safety-ABC.pdf

2007-07-14 The fight to save rock art-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2007-07-17 Rock Art vs a gas field-Guardian Express.pdf

2007-07-17 Putting Rock Art before gas-Fremantle Gazette.pdf

2007-07-17 Philip Adams-ABC Late Night Live.mp3 Audio 19mb

2007-07-18 Rock Art Rambling-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-07-19 Woodside Delay-Business News.pdf

2007-07-19 Bursting at the seams $7bn Santos LNG plant-Australian.pdf

2007-07-19 Burrup Visit-Rural and Resources Report-ABC North West.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-07-20 Export demand drives $7bn project-AFR.pdf

2007-07-21 Sauvons les gravures rupestres du Burrup (French) La Depeche.pdf

2007-07-25 Chat with the Greens’ leader (Burrup)-Mornings 6PR Audio small

2007-07-25 Experts inspect Burrup rock art-North West Telegraph.pdf

2007-07-25 Art auction to raise awareness of Burrup rock art-Mornings ABC North West.mp3 Audio 3mb

2007-07-26 Pluto plans run out of gas-Countryman.pdf

2007-07-27 Woodside Pluto gas project-9 news.wmv Movie 4mb

2007-07-27 Woodside Pluto gas project-10 news.wmv Movie 5mb

2007-07-27 Woodside Pluto gas project-ABC news.wmv Movie 5mb

2007-07-28 All go for Pluto, the $12bn LNG giant-AFR.pdf

2007-07-28 Deal to change the shape of LNG market-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-07-28 Pluto offers Gorgon lifeline Woodside eyes two more LNG trains-West Aus.pdf

2007-07-28 Voelte develops his own place in history-AFR.pdf

2007-07-28 Woodside throws Pluto a big bone-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-07-30 Pluto nod gives Woodside edge in gas expansion-AFR.pdf

2007-07-30 Resource lobbyist for green watchdog-Australian.pdf

2007-07-30 Acting chairman of EPA-Mornings 6PR.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2007-07-30 Woodside Pluto gas project-Resources Beat ABC.mp3 Audio

2007-07-31Talks ban for chief watchdog-Australian.pdf

2007-08-01 China pays $162m for right to search for gas off WA coast-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-01 EPA gives conditional approval to plan to develop the Pluto gas field-North West Telegraph.pdf

2007-08-01 New EPA chief sees boom as a challenge-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-02 Between a rock and an art gallery-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-02 Gas reserve strategy hits hurdle-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-02 Voelte makes a statement-Business News.pdf

2007-08-11 $18m fund in minority hands-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-11 Black Out-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-11 Burrup boom a bonanza for some-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-13 Woodside braces for bird flu-PNN.pdf

2007-08-14 Juniper draws support for Burrup rock art-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-14 Santos, Apache plan $750m gas project-Business News.pdf

2007-08-15 BHP steps on new gas in remote WA field-The Age.pdf

2007-08-15 Bonanza boom for some-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-08-15 Chances rise for Scarborough gas field after neighbouring find-Australian.pdf

2007-08-15 FEED for Reindeer-PNN.pdf

2007-08-15 Domgas speech Gas supply to Western Australia-Keith Spence-Woodside .pdf

2007-08-16 Gas market fiery over claims of not meeting miner demand-Age.pdf

2007-08-16 Woodside should move-Letter-by Stephen Bennetts-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-22 Greenies out of touch-Northern Guardian.pdf

2007-08-23 Demand for workers in WA Woodside's Pluto project-News Channel 2.wmv Movie 5mb

2007-08-23 Woodside pulling out of Africa-Sydney Moning Herald.pdf

2007-08-23 Woodside's Pluto project to be built on the Burrup Peninsula-ABC.mp3 Audio

2007-08-24 Gas pipeline Alan Carpenter on Browse Basin-AM 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-08-24 Gas pipeline Alan Carpenter on Browse Basin-AM 720 ABC.pdf

2007-08-24 Pluto gets conditional go-ahead-AFR.pdf

2007-08-24 Pluto mine closer to green light-Australian.pdf

2007-08-24 Woodside to purchase residential lots-ABC.mp3 Audio

2007-08-24 Woodside to seal nation's biggest LNG deal of $20b-plus-West Aus.pdf

2007-08-24 Woodside's deal timed for APEC-AFR.pdf

2007-08-24 Woodside's Gas deal-GWN.wmv Movie 1mb

2007-08-25 Boogie for Burrup-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2007-08-27 Pluto more than just the next big thing-AFR.pdf

2007-08-27 WA Museum and Woodside Energy Team Up and Take Out Prime Minister’s Awards-WA Museum.pdf

2007-08-28 Woodside On the uphill path for long run-AFR.pdf

2007-08-29 Woodside Costs spiral up again-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-08-30 Premier's Statement on Indigenous Affairs-Legislative Assembly.pdf

2007-08-30 Premier announces major initiatives to create jobs for indigenous West Australians-Media.pdf

2007-08-30 Sauvengard du patrimoine rupestre australien-Le Petit Journal.pdf

2007-08-30 WA Indigenous Affairs dept restructure planned-Business News.pdf

2007-09 Woodside given green light Prospect-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2007-09 Dampier Archipelago National Heritage Listing-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2007-09 Projects Oil and Gas WA-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2007-09 Commited Projects Oil and Gas WA-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2007-09 Projects WA-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2007-09 The Dampier Archipelago-A place of National Heritage-DIA.pdf

2007-09-05 Burrup rock art remains safe-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-09-07 Aboriginal Group seeks Commonwealth Declaration to prevent Pluto Development-Media.pdf

2007-09-07 Burrup heritage mess won’t go away-Greens Media.pdf

2007-09-08 The $70m Taj on the Swan-West Aus.pdf

2007-09-10 Aboriginal group seeks Commonwealth intervention on Pluto-PNN.pdf

2007-09-11 Ngarda awarded Woodside construction contract-Business News.pdf

2007-09-13 Woodside's Pluto leads strong oil and gas field-Business News.pdf

2007-09-13 A question of principles-Business News.pdf

2007-09-13 Aboriginals mine rich seam-Countryman.pdf

2007-09-17 Resources giants digging deep to involve indigenous communities-Australian.pdf

2007-09-19 Standing up for the Burrup-Augusta Margaret River Mail.pdf

2007-09-19 Trying to stop Pluto from going ahead-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-09-22 Gas is the future-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-09-26 Burrup Advertisment-Wentworth Courier.pdf

2007-09-26 Labor candidate for Wentworth supports Burrup campaign-Media.pdf

2007-09-26 ALP stands up for the Burrup-Greens Media.pdf

2007-09-26 RPT-Australia rock art vandals spark LNG plant row-Reuters UK.pdf

2007-09-26 Campaign urges Turnbull to save Burrup rock art-ABC.pdf

2007-09-26 FARA campaign in seat of Wentworth-ABC Radio National News.mp3 Audio

2007-09-26 Campaign urges Turnbull to save Burrup rock art-ABC am.mp3 Audio 1.5mb

2007-09-26 Turnbull now facing pressure over Burrup-Age.pdf

2007-09-26 Turnbull preparing environmental approvals for Woodside Pluto-Australian.pdf

2007-09-26 Turnbull targeted in push to save Burrup rock art-ABC.pdf

2007-09-26 Turnbull targeted in rock art campaign-ABC.pdf

2007-09-26 Intriguing Rock Art at Station-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-09-26 Turnbull targeted in push to save Burrup rock art-Message Stick.pdf

2007-09-27 Woodside exits Mauritania with $418mln Petronas deal-Reuters.pdf

2007-09-28 Woodside abandons Mauritania at a loss -Australian.pdf

2007-10-03 Vandals use power tools to deface Burrup art-West Aus.pdf

2007-10-03 Aboriginal Art Fight-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation-As it Happens.mp3 Audio 7mb

2007-10-03 Senseless vandals destroy ancient art with crude drawings Turnbull on notice as election looms-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-10-04 Gas Policy-ABC News.wmv Video 7mb

2007-10-09 Royalties from Pluto-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2007-10-09 ShawCor wins US$85M contract for pipe coatings at LNG project in Australia-Canada Press.pdf

2007-09-10 Australia's Woodside gains environmental approval for Pluto LNG project -Forbes.pdf

2007-10-11 Shell's Director on Woodside Petroleum Board Resigns-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-10-11 Feds flag Pluto through-PNN.pdf

2007-10-12 Turnbull pressured to sign Pluto-Australan.pdf

2007-10-12 Turnbull gives Pluto the green light-ABC.pdf

2007-10-12 Australian government approves Woodside Petroleum's gas project-Herald Tribune.pdf

2007-10-12 Pluto Receives Environmental Approval-Woodside Media.pdf

2007-10-12 Pluto Gas Project Approval-Macfarlane Turnbull Media.pdf

2007-10-12 Woodside's Pluto development wins Federal approval-Business Neqws.pdf

2007-10-12 Pluto gas project-ABC.wmv Video 8mb

2007-10-12 Pluto project approved-WIN.wmv Video 3mb

2007-10-12 Pluto Project go ahead-10 News.wmv Video 3mb

2007-10-13 Woodside off leash on Pluto project-The Age.pdf

2007-10-13 Feds approve Woodside gas field-Herald Sun.pdf

2007-10-13 PM issues manifesto and clears the decks-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2007-10-13 Govt gives go-ahead to Pluto gas project-ABC.pdf

2007-10-13 Pluto approved over Aboriginal concerns Pluto approved despite concerns-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-10-13 Pluto gas project gets final go-ahead-West Aus.pdf

2007-10-13 Turnbull clears Woodside plant-AFR.pdf

2007-10-15 Pluto Gas Project approval-ABC Country Hour.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-10-15 Pluto Gas project on the Burrup Peninsula-ABC Resources Beat.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2007-10-16 Rejection of Section 9-Letter John Cobb.pdf

2007-10-16 Rock art custodians attack green light for Pluto gas project-ABC.pdf

2007-10-16 Sorry plan for iconic landmark-Western Suburbs Weekly.pdf

2007-10-17 Federal Govt under fire over Burrup rock art protection-ABC.pdf

2007-10-17 Three ways to king hit the country-New Matilda.pdf

2007-10-17 Greens get top environmental score while Garrett gets an F.pdf

2007-10-17 Report Card for Peter Garrett-Media.pdf

2007-10-17 Route set to boost visits-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-10-17 Pluto gets approval-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-10-18 Pluto wins federal approval-Business News.pdf

2007-10-18 Pluto, Gorgon just the start-Business News.pdf

2007-10-19 Lawyers angry over Federal Govt's Burrup rock art decision-ABC.pdf

2007-10-19 Lawyers for an Aboriginal clan in the Pilbara-ABC News.mp3 Audio

2007-10-30 Letter to the editor-Sue Mahoney-Garrett-Southern Courier.pdf

2007-11-01 Australien zerstört

2007-11-02 Burrup rock art at risk, National Trust-Age.pdf

2007-11-02 Council opposes LNG terminal-Santa Monica Daily Press.pdf

2007-11-02 National Trust top 10 Rock art site-GWN news.wmv Video 1.5mb

2007-11-02 Sie zerbrechen unsere Bibel-Tages-Anzeiger.pdf

2007-11-04 Turnbull dodges action and Burrup is bulldozed-Greens Media.pdf

2007-11-06 Greens deal blow to labors Brand bid-West Aus.pdf

2007-11-06 National Trust Rock art site-WIN news.wmv Video 1.5mb

2007-11-07 Company Announcements-CO2 Group Limited.pdf

2007-11-07 No more gas-fired power plants-Bay View National Black Newspaper.pdf

2007-11-08 Woodside gets to the root of the problem with tree deal-Australian.pdf

2007-11-08 Pluto carbon offset worth $100m to CO2-West Aus.pdf

2007-11-08 Firm planting 20m trees to battle CO2-Australian.pdf

America 2007-11-08 LNG Firm Wants Coast Guard Concerns Applied to Competitor.pdf

2007-11-10 Growth there's plenty more where that came from-AFR.pdf

2007-11-12 Browse LNG looking for a home-PNN.pdf

2007-11-13 Browse field in the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-11-13 Browse field in the Burrup Peninsula-KBR.pdf

2007-11-13 KBR undertakes study for Browse LNG-ENERGY Current.pdf

America 2007-11-13 South Bay LNG proposal stirs up critics over planned site-Daily Breeze.pdf

2007-11-14 Turnbull gives go-ahead for destruction of ancient Aboriginal art-Guardian.pdf

2007-11-14 Shell mulls sale of NWS oil assets-Energy Current.pdf

2007-11-14 Woodside Says Sunrise Could Tie In To Conoco's Darwin Plant-CNN Money.pdf

2007-11-15 Taj-on-Swan gets a new look and wins support-West Aus.pdf

2007-11-15 World fund raises hell over Pluto-AFR.pdf

2007-11-16 Oil revision belts Woodside shares-Australian.pdf

2007-11-16 Japanese duo farms in to Woodside's Belicoso-Energy Current.pdf

2007-11-16 Woodside Shares Extend Drop as Brokers Cut Estimates-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-11-16 Woodside calls on parties to address skills shortage-ABC.pdf

2007-11-16 Woodside plans seismic sweep in WA permit-Energy Current.pdf

2007-11-16 CNOOC looks at Australia offshore assets-Financial Times.pdf

2007-11-17 Will the real ALP please stand up-The Age.pdf

2007-11-17 Greens dark on Labor in election-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2007-11-17 The Murujuga Declaration-protesting the Pluto project by Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi.pdf

2007-11-20 Taiwan giant locks into gas deal-Australian.pdf

Kimberley 2007-11-21 Browse to Burrup option-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-11-21 Protest at Pluto ruffles feathers-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-11-21 Rock art protestors target Gray-Sound Telegraph.pdf

2007-11-21 Woodside sourcing more gas for Pluto-Energy Current.pdf

2007-11-22 Big bonus bounce for the lucky few-Business News.pdf

2007-11-22 Chairmen have options in remuneration totals-Business News.pdf

2007-11-22 Figures don't lie on value for money-Business News.pdf

2007-11-22 Woodside throws cold water on Pluto expansion whispers-PNN.pdf

Kimberley 2007-11-22 Gas could go south-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2007-11-22 Dry well forces wider search-Age.pdf

2007-11-23 Libs warn of risks Woodside and AWA's-Kalgoorlie Miner.pdf

2007-11-23 Plenty of buyers if Shell sells NW Shelf oil stake-AFR.pdf

2007-11-23 Pluto LNG Project Formally Launched-Woodside.pdf

2007-11-23 Woodside Formally Launches A$12B Pluto Project-Dow Jones.pdf

2007-11-23 Pluto LNG project-ABC News.wmv Movie 3mb

2007-11-24 Premier basks in Pluto's approval-West Aus.pdf

2007-11-24 A quick trip to Pluto-AFR.pdf

2007-11-24 Pluto ploughs on as art is moved-Australian.pdf

2007-11-24 Anyone can see the Agenda now-Subiaco Post.pdf

2007-11-24 Burrup Peninsula gas processing plant-AM 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

2007-11-26 Woodside drilling raises hopes of huge gas find in NW Shelf-Australian.pdf

2007-11-26 Rudd looks to WA for new resources minister-Australian.pdf

2007-11-26 Woodside commences construction of Pluto LNG project-Trading Markets.pdf

2007-11-26 Grenland wins equipment contract for Pluto LNG project-Trading Markets.pdf

2007-11-27 Woodside unfazed by ALP win as Pluto construction begins-PNN.pdf

2007-11-27 Pluto gas project-Rural and Resources Report ABC North West.mp3 Audio 2mb

2007-11-27 Curator helped us get over the cringe (obituary)-Australian.pdf

2007-11-27 Australia 's Leighton Gets A$163M Pluto LNG Contract-Dow Jones.pdf

2007-11-27 Burrup Peninsula LNG project-News WIN.wmv Video 2mb

2007-11-27 Meet the young woman behind our most expensive house-Post News.pdf

2007-11-28 Carpenter launches Pluto construction-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-11-30 Aker Kvaerner wins 105 mln nkr umbilical supply deal with Woodside Petroleum-Forbes.pdf

2007-11-30 Cherrio Kim, hello Gary-Weekend Courier.pdf

2007-11-30 Albanese's infrastructure fix-it brief-AFR.pdf

2007-12-03 BHP, Woodside build bridges with ALP-PNN.pdf

2007-12-04 Some players won't get a seat in LNG musical chairs-PNN.pdf

2007-12-05 Kyoto move boosts emission trade-Australian.pdf

2007-12-05 Global LNG production to ‘fall short’ by 2015-Gulf Times.pdf

2007-12-06 Contract Deals-Business News.pdf

2007-12-06 NWS doubles gas sales to Japanese customer-PNN.pdf

2007-12-08 Chevron sets aside big money to press ahead with Gorgon project-Weekend Australian.pdf

2007-12-08 LETTERS What the Oswals do for charity-Post News.pdf

2007-12-10 Frenzy over BHP oil sale speculation-Australian.pdf

2007-12-12 Convicted for Destroying our Sacred Site (comment on Burrup)-Media.pdf

2007-12-13 Gas deal to benefit Taiwan, Australia-Taiwan Journal.pdf

2007-12-13 Its go for Pluto as build begins-Countryman.pdf

2007-12-19 Foster Wheeler Awarded EPCm Contract for LNG Project in Australia-Fox.pdf

2007-12-19 Top students get Burrup Fertilisers scholarships-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-12-19 WorleyParsons says wins Pluto LNG project contracts-Reuters.pdf

2007-12-20 Foster Wheeler wins Pluto LNG contract-Energy Current.pdf

America 2007-12-20 Malibu City Council Unanimously Opposes Woodside LNG Project-Malibu Surfside News.pdf

2007-12-21 Australian Energy Production Growth to Be Led by LNG-Bloomberg.pdf

2007-12-21 India needs LNG - ABARE-PNN.pdf

2007-12-21 Worley wins third Pluto contract-PNN.pdf

2007-12-05 New Pilbara Port by 09-Pilbara News.pdf

2007-12 Pluto pages - Prospect Magazine.pdf

2007-12 Apache reins up gas field-Prospect.pdf

2008-01 Australia's North West-Central Pilbara Coast-Tourism.pdf

2008-01-01 Woodside shuts Karratha gas plant due to fault-Reuters.pdf

2008-01-02 2007 The year in LNG- PNN.pdf

2008-01-02 Power supply disruption-GWN.wmv Movie 7mb

2008-01-03 Electrical faults close two northwest facilities - PNN.pdf

2008-01-03 State Government demands answers from Woodside-ABC.wmv Movie 7mb

2008-01-03 Western Power Says Extra Capacity to Prevent Blackout - Bloomberg.pdf

2008-01-04 Lack of competition behind gas shortage-West Aus.pdf

2008-01-04 SOS call to gas chief saves city from dark-West Aus.pdf

2008-01-04 Woodside pipeline reopening marred by delays-ABC.pdf

2008-01-04 Gorgon Gas Plans-ABC.wmv Movie 2mb

2008-01-05 Textbook shutdown a big Burrup hiccup-Australian.pdf

2008-01-05 Voters and industry in the dark over pipeline shutdown- Australian.pdf

2008-01-05 Woodside gets - please explain-West Aus.pdf

2008-01-07 WA Govt asks Woodside to 'please explain'-PNN.pdf

2008-01-07 Woodside asked to explain Karratha shut-in-Energy Current.pdf

2008-01-07 Woodside Says LNG Production Restarts At North West Shelf-CNN.pdf

2008-01-08 Woodside confirms delays for LNG shipments-Business News.pdf

2008-01-08 Woodside customers help LNG schedule-Australian.pdf

2008-01-09 Burrup blaze hits Perth Power-NWT.pdf

2008-01-11 US LNG tankers vulnerable to attack-Australian.pdf

2008-01-16 2007 Year in Review-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-01-16 2007 Year in Review-Pilbara News 2.pdf

2008-01-18 Shelf gas operators push price rise-Australian.pdf

2008-01-18 Clough wins Pluto jetty contract-PNN.pdf

2008-01-20 Kevin Rudd and his ministers in Perth-10 News.wmv Movie 3mb

2008-01-21 Kevin Rudd and his ministers in Perth-Australian.pdf

2008-01-21 BAM's Interbeton receives letter of intent approving 18 mln eur LNG project-Forbes.pdf

2008-01-22 Migrant workers in '$8 rip-off'-Trading Markets.pdf

2008-01-22 Rudd promises WA ‘fair share’ of royalties-West Aus.pdf

2008-01-22 TRANSLATION-Wer kennt Australiens grössten Kulturschatz-NZZ.pdf

2008-01-22 PM mulls migration policy to address skills shortage-ABC.pdf

2008-01-22 Wer kennt Australiens grössten Kulturschatz-NZZ.pdf

2008-01-23 J Ray McDermott wins contract from Woodside-Trading Markets.pdf

2008-01-23 Gas rig workers ripped off-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-01-23 Showdown looms over future gas development-Pibara News.pdf

2008-01-23 Migrant workers in $8 rip-off-West Aus.pdf

2008-01-23 New Resources Minister touches down in Karratha-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-01-24 Contract deals-Business News.pdf

2008-01-24 Check on skilled migrants-AFR.pdf

2008-01-28 Peak oil by 2015-PNN.pdf

2008-01-30 FARA meets new Minister over Burrup-Media.pdf

2008-02 Paul Sumner - Mossgreen Gallery.pdf

2008-02-01 Indians tout $600m Burrup raising-AFR.pdf

2008-02-01 $600m Burrup float-CNN.pdf

2008-02-03 Indians eye expansion, $600m Burrup raising-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-04 Aboriginal rock art removed-Australian.pdf

2008-02-05 Ancient rock art removed for Pluto LNG-Energy Current.pdf

2008-02-05 Pressure on Chevron to develop big gas field-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-06 Burrup IPO to test investor appetites-AFR.pdf

2008-02-06 Interview with MPI-Chapple on Kimberley-RTR FM.mp3 Audio 2MB

2008-02-06 Burrup IPO to test investors appetites-AFR.pdf

2008-02-07 LNG Questions Loom Amid Wave of Project Completions-Oil & Gas Journal.pdf

2008-02-07 Shell likes view from Down Under-AFR.pdf

2008-02-08 Industry protected under emissions trading, Wong-PNN.pdf

2008-02-09 Woodside boss pushes second gas pipeline-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-11 LNG likely to run short in 2010-Daily Yomiuri.pdf

2008-02-11 Inquiry into gas blackout threat-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-12 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 's Indigenous apology.pdf

2008-02-13 Acergy S.A. Announces $150 Million Deepwater Contract Award in Australia-CNN.pdf

2008-02-13 Potential alliances captivate market-AFR.pdf

2008-02-13 Woodside eyes two Pluto pipes-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-13 Voelte's at crossroads for Burrup partners-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-13 Woodside boss pushes second gas pipeline-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-02-15 UBS readies $3b fertilizer float-SMH.pdf

2008-02-16 Burrup dismisses gas shortage as float looms-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-17 Kokoda. Aborigines cry hypocrisy as we worry about PNG but mine local sacred grounds -Sunday Times.pdf

2008-02-17 Japan Faces Indonesian Gas Cuts-OhmyNews Korea.pdf

2008-02-18 Burrup talks down float's gas suppiy risk-AFR.pdf

2008-02-19 Clearance query may stall Pluto-AFR.pdf

2008-02-20 Burrup update iterview-Alex Sloan, Robin Chapple-666 ABC Canberra.mp3 Audio 3mb

2008-02-20 Woodside Stepping Up LNG Drive-CNN .pdf

2008-02-21 LNG projects strain Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-02-21 Watch on Woodside-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-02-21 Energy Minister Fran Logan under fire over $9m gas deal-Australian.pdf

2008-02-21 Oil producer sets aggressive targets-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-02-21 Woodside adds $20b fiffip to boom-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-21 Woodside confident of 22% rise in 2008 production-FT.pdf

2008-02-22 Gas crisis minister may have misled-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-22 Leaked emails show minister didn't care about gas price-Australian.pdf

2008-02-23 Aboriginal land groups in heritage extortion WA miners-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-23 Heritage claims a rort-WA miners-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-25 Call to stop rorts of Aboriginal heritage law-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-25 Clean energy targets must recognise gas-APIA-PNN.pdf

2008-02-26 Aussie oil & gas production surges-PNN.pdf

2008-02-26 Fresh hopes for $10b gas plant on Burrup-Trading Markets.pdf

2008-02-27 Bigger reserves needed to underpin second LNG train-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-02-27 Govt talks move $lOb gas-liquids plant closer-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-27 Taiwan CPC says details of LNG deal with Woodside to be announced Friday-Forbes.pdf

2008-02-27 WA to press Garrett over State say in NW developments-West Aus.pdf

2008-02-27 Woodsides Browse project will go to WA-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-02-27 APPEA applauds Rudd Govt’s GTL plan-PNN.pdf

2008-02-28 German TV crew filming rock art documentary at the Burrup-ABC.mp3 Audio 1.5MB

2008-02-29 Breaking thet spirit of the rock-AFR.pdf

2008-02-29 On the rocks-AFR.pdf

2008-03-04 We can’t meet emissions deadline, say gas majors-PNN.pdf

2008-03-04 Australian Oil, LNG Production to Fall This Year, Bureau Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-03-05 Presentation at Mossgreen Gallery, South Yarra exhibition-Hylands.pdf

2008-03-05 Press release by Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation.pdf

2008-03-06 Use mining royalties to help Aboriginals-Wyatt-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-07 New figures highlight Aussie oil crisis -APPEA-PNN.pdf

2008-03-08 Native title no gift for Roebourne-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-08 Chevron to build LNG plant in Australia-Reuters.pdf

2008-03-09 Chevron to establish new plant in Australia-MENAFN.pdf

2008-03-09 Chevron Announces Plans for Wheatstone LNG development in Australia-Chevron.pdf

2008-03-10 Wheatstone LNG puts Gorgon in doubt-PNN.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron Announces Plans for Wheatstone LNG development in Australia-News & Observer.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron Plans Second Australia LNG Project to Gorgon-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron plans new LNG project off WA-SMH.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron plans new LNG project in WA's North-West-Business News.pdf

2008-03-10 Burrup rock art and heritage-ABC.mp3 Audio 4MB

2008-03-10 Pluto mars the spin that LNG from Wheatstone is viable-Australian.pdf

2008-03-10 Woodside bids to become major LNG supplier to Singapore-Oil & Gas.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron launches major gas project in Australia-Herald Tribune.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron reveals new LNG project off WA-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-10 Chevron to develop new LNG project offshore WA-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-03-10 Gas project-Wheatstone-ABC.wmv Movie 7.5mb

2008-03-10 Infrastructure Costs-ABC.wmv Movie 3mb

2008-03-10 Landowners agree to reopen Kokoda Track-ABC.pdf

2008-03-10 Kokoda landowners lift blockade-Age.pdf

2008-03-11 PNG to stop Kokoda Trail mine-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-11 Wheatstone natural gas discovery-Statement by Minister for State Development.pdf see Question Without Notice

2008-03-11 Oil giants ignore climate change-PNN.pdf

2008-03-11 Aboriginals make new plea for Burrup art-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-11 Indigenious group in legal fight on Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-11 Chevron gas suprise hits $12b Woodside Pluto play-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-11 Burrup rock art and heritage-WGTO-ABC.mp3 Audio 3mb

2008-03-11 Chevron still coy on Wheatstone LNG vision-Australian.pdf

2008-03-11 Chevron to develop Wheatstone-AFR.pdf

2008-03-11 Chevron to fire up Wheatstone-Kal Miner.pdf

2008-03-11 Chevron's Wheatstone LNG field-ABC.mp3 Audio 1mb

2008-03-11 Doubts about infrastructure to support new plant-ABC.pdf

2008-03-11 Dyno fertile ground for takeover-Age.pdf

2008-03-11 Indigenous community determined to protect ancient rock art-ABC.pdf

2008-03-12 Burrup denies float in doubt-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-12 Dyno will add spark to Incitec-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-03-12 Spotlight turned to North West tourism at Karratha meeting-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-03-12 Woodside in line for big LNG contract-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-03-13 Labor struggling to harness the mining boom monster-AFR.pdf

2008-03-17 Safeguard heritage of the Burrup- Letter-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-18 Govt announces emissions trading timetable-PNN.pdf

2008-03-18 Carbon tax or trading-PNN.pdf

2008-03-18 Too many ministers not enough gas on tap-PNN.pdf

2008-03-19 Aboriginals make new plea-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-03-19 Chevron gas surprise hits Woodside Pluto play-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-03-19 Global meltdown forces fertiliser chief to put $3b float on the backburner-West Aus.pdf

2008-03-19 Plans to build a gas pipeline from the Kimberley to the Pilbara-ABC.mp3

2008-03-19 Kimberley threatened by mining boom-7.30 Report ABC.wmv Movie 20mb

Transcript 2008-03-19 Kimberley threatened by mining boom-7.30 Report ABC.pdf

2008-03-19 Arnie terminates BHP project-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-03-20 Petronet eyes smaller Aussie gas fields-PNN.pdf

2008-03-20 Dresser Rand to aide North West Shelf expansion-Energy Current.pdf

2008-03-20 Guilty as charged-AFR.pdf

2008-03-20 Boom state catches the worry virus-AFR.pdf

2008-03-24 State's delay replacing Limerick isn't funny-Australian.pdf

2008-03-25 Ce samedi au Mont-Saint-Michel-Ouest France.pdf

2008-03-26 Global meltdown forces WA fertiliser chief to put float on backburner-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-03-28 Emissions trading worth $10bn-yr to Feds-Turnbull-PNN.pdf

2008-03-29 Go with the flow-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-03-31 Green light for North Rankin 2-PNN.pdf

2008-03-31 Woodside to build $5 billion gas platform off Pilbara coast-ABC.pdf

2008-03-31 North West Shelf venture approves $5bn expansion-Business News.pdf

2008-04 Solid Rock - ROYALAUTO-RACV.pdf

2008-04-01 Shelf gas majors commit $5bn to new offshore rig-Australian.pdf

2008-04-02 Attitudes towards Burrup rock art changing 'for the better'-ABC.pdf

2008-04-03 Delegates hope to bring 20,20 vision-Woodside-Business News.pdf

2008-04-05 Garrett digs in on protecting Burrup's ancient art-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-05 Garrett steps in to protect ancient Pilbara rock art from mining-The Age.pdf

2008-04-07 All Australia's children have a right to be protected-The Age.pdf

2008-04-07 Ancient Aboriginal tools found in WA-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-07 Ancient stone tools found on Australia mine site-Reuters.pdf

2008-04-07 Ancient Tools Unearthed in Australia-PhysOrg.pdf

2008-04-07 Archaeological finds dated to 35,000 years-The Age.pdf

2008-04-07 Climate change clues-The Age.pdf

2008-04-07 Federal Govt releasing 35 offshore areas for oil exploration-Business News.pdf

2008-04-07 Gas from WA field by 2010 - Santos-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-07 Interbeton to construct LNG jetty berth in Australia-construction & maintainance.pdf

2008-04-07 Pilbara mine yields 35,000 year old tools-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-07 Santos commits $379m to gas project-Adelaide Now.pdf

2008-04-07 Santos readies for major WA gas project-AFR.pdf

2008-04-07 Santos to give Devil Creek nod-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-07 Security a crucial issue at gas talks-Australian.pdf

2008-04-07 WA Oil and Gas Conference-ABC.mp3 Audio 2.5mb

2008-04-08 Peter Hylands - Mossgreen Gallery.pdf

2008-04-08 Exploration work commitments trebled in 2007-PNN.pdf

2008-04-08 Feds release new acreage-PNN.pdf

2008-04-08 Galleries share creative riches-Western Suburbs Weekly.pdf

2008-04-08 LNG to supply a third of Asia's energy-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-04-08 Use it or lose it, say Ministers-PNN.pdf

2008-04-09 $100bn LNG projects projected to flow-The Age.pdf

2008-04-09 Australia Won't Meet LNG Growth Target, Woodside Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-04-09 Chevron Won't Run Wheatstone Gas Through Woodside Pluto Site-CNNMoney.pdf

2008-04-09 Woodside says Australia unlikely to triple LNG output over next decade-Forbes.pdf

2008-04-10 Chevron baulks at $1.3b Pluto plant fee-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-10 Dig uncovers major find-Countryman.pdf

2008-04-10 Rinehart refuses to guarantee protection of prehistoric site-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-10 Rio agree to mine plan alterations-Kal Miner.pdf

2008-04-10 Woodside boss bags APPEA gas pipedream-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-10 StandUp on the Burrup-GWN.wmv Movie 5.5mb

2008-04-10 Scorn for gas output prediction-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-11 Heat on Premier over mining find-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-11 Chevron UWA team up for research and training-PNN.pdf

2008-04-11 Heat on Premier over mining find-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-11 Managing offshore industry and environment-PNN.pdf

2008-04-12 Voelte holds all the aces as gas train steams on-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-14 Oilers engage in a polite Perth affair-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-04-14 Save artefacts - Letter by Richard Titelius-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-14 Save the cultural site at Hope Downs iron ore mine - Letter by Tim Nicol-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-14 Time LNG cheerleaders took a cold shower-PNN.pdf

2008-04-15 Rare archaeological finds Letter by Charles E. Dortch-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-16 Protest against new plant-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-04-16 Rio Tinto to alter mine plans-North West Telegraph.pdf

2008-04-17 For the record Hope Downs- Letter by Sam Walsh-West Aus.pdf

2008-04-17 Labour shortage threatens to delay many LNG projects-Australian.pdf

2008-04-21 Australia's huge new liquid asset-Business News.pdf

2008-04-21 Could Pluto 2 be a ghost train-PNN.pdf

2008-04-22 LNG, pipeline players nervous on emissions trading-PNN.pdf

2008-04-28 Burrup Vandalism Escalates-Media.pdf

2008-04-28 Ferguson cutting red tape for energy reporting-PNN.pdf

2008-04-28 Ups and downs for Aussie GTL-PNN.pdf

2008-04-28 Lobby Group Concerned Carbon Trading To Hit Australian LNG-CNN.pdf

2008-05 Exuberance ebbs away as supply crunch fears grow-Energy Report.pdf

2008-05-01 Gas prices too high-Woodside-ABC.pdf

2008-05-01 Woodside, Inpex may seek to link their Australian LNG projects-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-01 Woodside AGM-Extract-Perth.wmv Movie 28mb

2008-05-01 Woodside stick to production forecast-Business News.pdf

2008-05-01 LNG buyers paying more - Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside bid to up China's LNG price-Australian.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside wary of oil price-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-05-02 Management digs in on expansion-Pluto-Australian.pdf

2008-05-02 Vandalism raises fears for rock art-West Aus.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside Says High Oil Prices Helping Fund Pluto LNG-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-02 Woodside crosses fingers on further Pluto 2 exploration-PNN.pdf

2008-05-04 Der Schatz von Murujuga-ARD Germany.wmv Movie 19mb

2008-05-04 Der Schatz von Murujuga-ARD Germany.pdf

2008-05-04 Illegal Drilling on Aboriginal Site must be Stopped-Ngalia Media.pdf

2008-05-05 Apache To Increase WA Domestic Gas Prices, Start Halyard 2010-CNN Money.pdf

2008-05-07 Rock Art Vandals-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-05-07 Time for action-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-05-07 Ancient stone tools found on Australia mine

2008-05-07 Major Work planned for shelf ventures-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-05-08 NW Shelf Venture Agrees to Replace Cossack Oil Production Ship-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-08 Woodside Says Free Permits, Rebates May Offset Carbon Burden-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-09 Karratha development boom goes up a notch-Business News.pdf

2008-05-09 WA budget puts money where it matters APPEA-PNN.pdf

2008-05-09 North West Shelf LNG Signs Sales Agreement With Osaka Gas-CNN Money.pdf

2008-05-12 NWS sells more gas to Japanese customer-PNN.pdf

2008-05-12 Burrup Fertilisers IPO plan set for relaunch-WA Business News.pdf

2008-05-12 Nine E&P permits awarded off Western Australia-Oil and Gas.pdf

2008-05-13 Burrup to Revive Fertilizer Initial Public Sale-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-13 New industrial project for the Burrup Peninsula-WA Business News.pdf

2008-05-13 Burrup price trimmed as float plan back on track-West Aus.pdf

2008-05-13 Yara and Burrup Holdings sign MoU to build TAN plant-Trading Markets.pdf

2008-05-13 BHP Says `Number One Priority' Is to Develop Australian Gas-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-05-13 Yara jv to build 350,000 tonnes a year ammonium nitrate plant in Australia-Forbes.pdf

2008-05-13 Yara forms JV for Australia ammonium nitrate plant-Reuters.pdf

2008-05-13 Norway's Yara International ASA and Australia's Burrup Holdings Pty Ltd plan joint ammonium nitrate plant-Trading Markets.pdf

2008-05-13 $7bn savings next year-Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-05-13 BHP Billiton In Talks On Scarborough Gas Processing-CNN Money.pdf

2008-05-13 Burrup float bursts back with a bang-AFR.pdf

2008-05-13 Burrup Marni Bura Opening-Hylands-Transcript.pdf

2008-05-14 BHP sharpens focus on offshore LNG unit-Australian.pdf

2008-05-14 Woodside Petroleum reduces stake in Ceramic Fuel Cells-Australian.pdf

2008-05-14 Fixing logjams gets top priority-Woodside-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-05-14 Explosive plant faces showdown at Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2008-05-14 Methanol plant goes back to Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-05-14 Yara and Burrup Holdings sign MoU-Norway Post.pdf

2008-05-15 Woodside chief ponders legal action over $2.5b condensate grab-West Australian.pdf

2008-05-15 Life's a gas for the billionaire of Burrup-AFR.pdf

2008-05-15 Burrup plant upsets market balance-AFR.pdf

2008-05-15 Executives unclear on carbon commitment-WA Business News.pdf

2008-05-15 Fight to save the Burrup Peninsula-Mornings ABC.mp3 Audio 6.5mb

2008-05-15 Govt hits back at Woodside over tax slug-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-05-15 Woodside risk as tax break goes-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-05-15 Art threat-WIN News.wmv Movie 6mb

2008-05-15 Woodside slams tax turnaround for North West Shelf project-Perth Now.pdf

2008-05-16 Woodside sells hot rocks stake in Geodynamics-Australian.pdf

2008-05-16 Woodside drops hot rocks-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-05-16 Woodside Acquires Shell's North West Shelf Oil Interests-Red Orbit.pdf

2008-05-16 Aussie NWS condensate excise may herald tax breaks-Oil and Gas Journal.pdf

2008-05-16 Chevron award contract for Gorgon-WA Business News.pdf

2008-05-17 Mining rites-The Age.pdf

2008-05-19 Burrup Holdings launches second largest float since RAMS-West Aus.pdf

2008-05-19 Burrup reduces float target after trimming gas sale-Australian.pdf

2008-05-19 Petroleum producers and lobbyists get North SWest Shelf tax surprise-Australian.pdf

2008-05-19 Shell chief says all energy sources must be tapped-Australian.pdf

2008-05-19 Subsea and services contract on Gorgon gas field-Processingtalk.pdf

2008-05-20 Burrup Looks to Sell 20% Stake Through IPO-International Herald Tribune.pdf

2008-05-20 Archaeology week-Claire Greer-6PR Mornings.mp3

2008-05-21 Concerns over second plant-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-05-21 TCF Awarded LNG Development Contracts By Woodside Energy-Red Orbit.pdf

2008-05-22 Environment is secondary to private profits-Age.pdf

2008-05-22 Labor to overhaul native title law-Australian.pdf

2008-05-26 Carpenter to unveil new resources mandarin-Australian.pdf

2008-05-26 Peak oil by royal decree-PNN.pdf

2008-05-27 Coalition to fight $2.5bn oil excise-Australian.pdf

2008-05-28 Why Are Investors So Pessimistic on Uptrending Methanex-Schaeffers.pdf

2008-05-28 FMC Technologies and Woodside Energy sign five-year global alliance extension agreement-Oil Online.pdf

2008-05-29 Convert trucks to LNG analyst-PNN.pdf

2008-05-30 SBM eyes $700M Woodside deal-Scandinavian Oil-Gas.pdf

2008-06-03 Blast hits Australia gas plant, disruptions seen-Guardian UK.pdf

2008-06-03 Blast affects Apache natural gas supplies to Australia-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-06-03 Plant explosion cuts gas to mining companies-ABC.pdf

2008-06-04 History of neglect undermines us all-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-06-04 Explosion threatens WA gas supplies-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-04 Aboriginal heritage on the rocks-Guardian Weekly.pdf

2008-06-04 Environment Minister discusses Burrup and Kimberley with Leigh Sales-ABC Late Line.pdf Section of broadcast, Movie 7.5MB

Transcript 2008-06-04 Environment Minister discusses Burrup and Kimberley with Leigh Sales-ABC Late Line.pdf

2008-06-04 Explosion threatens WA gas supplies-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-04 Gas blast in WA-Sky News.pdf

2008-06-04 Gas plant explosion exposes State's vulnerability-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-04 History of neglect undermines us all-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-06-04 Indian Billionaires-Today Tonight 7.pdf

2008-06-04 Varanus explosion points to continued Burrup folly-FARA Media.pdf

2008-06-04 WA gas in short supply after explosion-PNN.pdf

2008-06-05 Australia to Promote Coal-to-Liquids to Improve Energy Security-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-06-05 Burrup eyes early shutdown as gas dwindles-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-05 Business crisis looms after WA gas explosion-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-05 'Coal to gas' energy plan draws scepticism-ABC.pdf

2008-06-05 Concerns raised about WA gas supplies-PNN.pdf

2008-06-05 Dirty deeds done dirt cheap-PPT presentation.pdf

2008-06-05 Gas blast 'shows Burrup development dangers'-ABC.pdf

2008-06-05 WA-DC Bon Scott Rocks the Burrup testimonial cartoon.pdf

2008-06-06 Heritage sites 'at risk of chemical explosions'-PerthNow.pdf

2008-06-06 Months before Varanus resumes production- Apache-Mining News.pdf

2008-06-06 Tax breaks to kick-start gas investment-PNN.pdf

2008-06-07 Apache blast leaves Burrup vulnerable-Australian.pdf

2008-06-07 Legal doubts cloud the rise of the awesome Oswals-Australian.pdf

2008-06-07 Oswal family failures outweighs fertiliser success-Australian.pdf

2008-06-07 Lawyer to lobbyist-Perer Dowding-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2008-06-08 Burrup Peninsula rock art-ABC Mornings.mp3 Audio 2MB

2008-06-08 Stand Up for the Burrup shoulder to shoulder with the opposition-FARA Media.pdf

2008-06-10 Blood seeps into the pages of Aboriginal history-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-10 WA struggles to make up gas shortfall-Nine News.pdf

2008-06-11 Gas insurers could hold the key to Burrup’s $2.5b float-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-11 Varanus gas blast shockwaves spread-Australian.pdf

2008-06-12 Australian Natural Gas - How Much Do We Have And How long Will It Last-BigGav.pdf

2008-06-13 Burrup advises Institutional Bookbuild will not take place-Media.pdf

2008-06-13 Explosion leaves Carpenter facing his worst crisis-Australian.pdf

2008-06-14 Dowding roots for NPQ-Freo Herald.pdf

2008-06-14 Explosion at Apache delays Burrup float-Australian.pdf

2008-06-14 Powerful lesson with Varanus gas crisis-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-14 We can't cope, admits senior indigenous official-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-06-14 Bless this house oh mother earth-Subiaco Post.pdf

2008-06-15 Rent-a-crowd guru-Sunday Times.pdf

2008-06-16 Rent-a-crowd get $500 each-Perth Now.pdf

2008-06-16 Australasia’s Gas Liquefaction Plans-Energy Tribune.pdf

2008-06-17 Burrup Fertilisers-Safety concerns prompt walkout-WAtoday.pdf

2008-06-17 Burrup Holdings rejects explosion claims-WA Business News.pdf

2008-06-17 Burrup Holdings rejects explosion claims-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-18 New safety concerns hit Burrup fertiliser plant-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-18 Standing up for Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-06-18 Union ordered to IRC over ammonia plant row-ABC.pdf

2008-06-19 Ancient Australia not written in stone-ABC Science.pdf

2008-06-19 Burrup plant was unsafe- WorkSafe-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-20 Woodside launches Pilbara air quality tests-ABC.pdf

2008-06-21 Keep some for the poor-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2008-06-21 Letter-Meet the Oswals-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-06-21 Supply diversity an offshoot of gas crisis-Weekend Australian.pdf

2008-06-24 Ex-premier attacked on lobby work-Australian.pdf

2008-06-25 50 quit at Burrup-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-06-25 Food shortage makes world hungry for fertiliser-Australian.pdf

2008-06-26 Apache timetable offers cold comfort-Australian.pdf

2008-06-28 No more Rock Art to be Moved-WGTO Media.pdf

2008-06-28 Oswal juggles $1.5b Pilbara solar plant-West Aus.pdf

2008-06-28 Pankaj and Radhika Oswal turn on a glittering night-PerthNow.pdf

2008-06-28 Pilbara Aboriginal Group Questions WA Minister’s Decision-WGTO Media.pdf

2008-06-30 WA's plans for a sunshine state-AFR.pdf

2008-07-02 Child sex offender heads Aboriginal corporation-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-02 Hammond to head up Dampier port-Business News.pdf

2008-07-02 West Australia to Let Companies Bid for Natural Gas-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-07-03 Shell seeks tenders for Prelude plant-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-03 State-funded solar project cutting edge-Business News.pdf

2008-07-05 Burrup float delayed-AFR.pdf

2008-07-05 Oswal bash is such a gas-Subiaco Post.pdf

2008-07-05 Oswal pulls prospectus-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-05 Proposed new gas plant open for public scrutiny-WAToday.pdf

2008-07-05 Rock art not so solid-Fremantle Herald.pdf

2008-07-10 Chevron discovers larger Iago gas resource-Energy Current.pdf

2008-07-10 Chevron finds more gas near Wheatstone-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-11 A gas supply disruption case study - the Varanus Island explosion-Peak Energy.pdf

2008-07-11 Chevron to triple size of Australia LNG project-Reuters.pdf

2008-07-14 World Archaeology Congress calls on Burrup destruction to stop-FARA Media.pdf

2008-07-14 World's Largest Outdoor Rock Engraving Site Under Threat-WAC Media.pdf

2008-07-15 Global plea to protect Burrup art-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Canning Community.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Comment News.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Fremantle Cockburn Gazette.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Guardian Express.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Melville Times.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Midland Kalamunda Reporter.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Southern Gazette.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Stirling Times.pdf

2008-07-15 Rocks of ages-Western Suburbs Weekly.pdf

2008-07-16 Plan Ahead-Sound Telegraph.pdf

2008-07-16 Rocks of ages-Mandurah Coastal Times.pdf

2008-07-16 Australia, the environmental vandle, is how the world sees us-The Age.pdf

2008-07-17 Legal threat over gas islands-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-17 Pearl industry raises worries-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-07-17 Soaring oil, higher output deliver Woodside a record-Austalian.pdf

2008-07-19 Attack on Australian carbon trading scheme-Financial Times.pdf

2008-07-19 Carbon plan more smoke than action-Australian.pdf

2008-07-21 Another Northwest Shelf gas discovery-Business News.pdf

2008-07-21 Collateral Damage- housing and heritage on the line in the Pilbara-Blog.pdf

2008-07-21 Wheatstone-Iago a direct competitor to Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-07-21 Woodside, Apache may team up on gas supply for Pluto-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-21 Woodside, Apache may team up over Pluto-Business News.pdf

2008-07-23 Rock art must stay where it is, says Aboriginal group-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-07-23 Aboriginals take tough stance against moving rock art-West Australian.pdf

2008-07-25 Australia's ancient Aboriginal rock art at risk, experts say-AFP.pdf

2008-07-25 Friends of Australian Rock Art condemn Tourism WA as insensitive-Media.pdf

2008-07-25 Aboriginal rock art at risk-Discovery Channel.pdf

2008-07-25 En route pour l'Inde a velo - Le Dauphine Libere.pdf

2008-07-28 Aboriginal Rock Art at Risk, Say Experts-ARTINFO.pdf

2008-07-28 Apache pursues Devil Creek gas project-Business News.pdf

2008-07-28 Carbon cost to companies unlikely to fuel exodus-West Aus.pdf

2008-07-28 Western Australia's Aboriginal Rock Art In Danger-remote central.pdf

2008-07-28 Woodside, Swan met on carbon concerns-Australian.pdf

2008-07-29 Burrup Rock Art-Afternoons 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 6MB

2008-07-31 Department probes report Burrup standing stone was moved-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-01 Cheap gas over, says ex-Woodside executive-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-01 Burrup Standing Stone-GWN.wmv Movie 5MB

2008-08-02 Apache set to relieve WA gas crisis-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-06 Veszélyben Ausztrália osi sziklarajzai-Tortenelmi Hungary.pdf

2008-08-11 Minimising the hurt in an emissions scheme-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-11 Time has come for WA to process its resources- Barnett-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-13 Pilbara may be site of $1b solar power station-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-13 Polluters to build world's biggest solar system in the bush-Stock and Land.pdf

2008-08-14 Fears rise over trading scheme risk to LNG-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-14 Fight over development credentials-Business News.pdf

2008-08-16 Delayed Devil Creek back on track for 2010, Apache-West Aus.pdf

2008-08-18 The Money Pit-4 Corners.wmv Movie 48mb

Transcript: 2008-08-18 Transcript-The Money Pit-4 Corners.pdf

2008-08-22 Colin Barnett State election Burrup-720 ABC.mp3 Audio

2008-08-25 Westralian Gas & Power deal with Oswal-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-26 Clash of interests on the Burrup Peninsula-ABC.mp3 Audio

2008-08-27 Woodside boss urges natural gas investment-ABC.pdf

2008-08-27 Woodside may cut spending on LNG project-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-08-30 The bells are ringin'-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-01 Exploration campaign salve after difficult times-The Mining Chronical.pdf

2008-09-03 A fair dinkum citizen - Letter-Northern Guardian.pdf

2008-09-08 WA shock gives Barnett a chance-AFR.pdf

2008-09-08 Work begins on Oswals' $70m mansion-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-08 Call for Rock Art Projects-Media Woodside.pdf

2008-09-08 The Rock Art Foundation Committee Web-Woodside.pdf

Rock Art Foundation Funding Project Guidelines.pdf

Rock Art Foundation W9299C Application Form.pdf

2008-09-09 Palmer in elite CEO company-AFR.pdf

2008-09-10 Gas supply boosted-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-09-11 Downstream processing proves elusive-Business News.pdf

2008-09-11 Oil and gas to drive north-west growth-Business News.pdf

2008-09-13 Liberal royalty forced to turn plot into applause-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-13 Smith to seek cash for power-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-16 Scott Ludlam’s inaugural Senate speech.pdf

2008-09-17 Burrup client pays $178m to increase stake-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-17 Lazarus-like Barnett faces tougher task in governing-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-17 Yara stake an act of faith in Burrup-AFR.pdf

2008-09-18 Petroleum in Western Australia-DoIR Report.pdf 3.5MB

2008-09-23 Potential win for The Burrup-Perth Indy Media.pdf

2008-09-24 Chevron plans Wheatstone LNG hub on Pilbara coast-Oil & Gas Journal.pdf

2008-09-24 Australian Carbon Plan to Cut LNG Growth, Group Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-09-24 Chevron planning giant Pilbara LNG hub-PNN.pdf

2008-09-24 Chevron eyes giant Pilbara LNG project-Australian.pdf

2008-09-24 Chevron selects sites for LNG project-Business News.pdf

2008-09-24 THE Rock Art Foundation Committee is seeking applications-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-09-25 Condensate bill a drive by on WA-West Aus.pdf

2008-09-25 End Woodside's tax break- Xenophon-WAtoday.pdf

2008-09-29 World-scale LNG plant in Australia in production-Processingtalk.pdf

2008-10 Australia's grand plans-Energy Report.pdf

2008-10 Sellers' market here to stay-Energy Report.pdf

2008-10-03 Angel produces first gas at North West Shelf-Australian.pdf

2008-10-03 Angel takes flight-PNN.pdf

2008-10-03 Fund won't be used for bailout - Albanese-Business News.pdf

2008-10-04 Heritage probe clears Woodside-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-04 Woodside's North West Shelf Angel platform under budget-Australian.pdf

2008-10-06 CME not surprised by WA’s risky reputation-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-06 Start of the first shipments for Pluto LNG project-Your Industry news.pdf

2008-10-06 Varanus a $2B blow for WA economy-PNN.pdf

2008-10-07 Mining approvals still a mess- WA Auditor General-Mining News.pdf

2008-10-07 Rockets key to better gasification-PNN.pdf

2008-10 Burrup Think Tank delivers New Directions-National Trust.pdf

2008-10-09 Regulatory revamp needed- Productivity Commissioner-PNN.pdf

2008-10-11 Bowler calls for Heritage Act review-Kal Miner.pdf

2008-10-13 Fortescue eyes new port with Rio’s rail-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-13 Global financial crisis prompts Woodside rethink-ABC.pdf

2008-10-13 Heritage Act hurting resource development - Bowler-ABC.pdf

2008-10-14 CO2 transportation the new challenge- APIA-PNN.pdf

2008-10-14 Emissions trading scheme is dead - Woodside-Australian.pdf

2008-10-14 ETS ‘dead on arrival’ - Voelte-PNN.pdf

2008-10-14 Financial crisis hits LNG - Don Voelte-Australian.pdf

2008-10-14 EPA Section 38 Referral ERMP Wheatstone Development on Pilbara coast.pdf

2008-10-16 Climate change action is urgent- Garnaut-The Age.pdf

2008-10-17 North West Shelf opens $2.6bn project-Business News.pdf

2008-10-17 Woodside keeps mum about LNG expansion and falling oil price-The Age.pdf

2008-10-17 Woodside revenues boom thanks to new projects-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-10-18 Barnett's LNG hub hits hurdle-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-20 Barnett urges gas over coal for Australia's energy needs-Herald Sun.pdf

2008-10-20 ETS could jeopardise Gorgon- Chevron-Business News.pdf

2008-10-20 ETS could wreck gas projects- Chevron-The Age.pdf

2008-10-21 Australia holds line on carbon scheme-carbonpositive.pdf

2008-10-21 Barnett calls for increased gas usage-PNN.pdf

2008-10-21 Chevron Australia boss slams ETS-PNN.pdf

2008-10-21 Chevron's Wheatstone and Gorgon may be hit by ETS-Australian.pdf

2008-10-21 Paladio secures second Woodside contract-Business News.pdf

2008-10-21 Woodside limits recruiting due to economic slowdown-PNN.pdf

2008-10-23 Carbon taskforce to focus on CO2 storage sites-PNN.pdf

2008-10-23 Hussey could play for WA in Champions League-WAtoday.pdf

2008-10-23 Indian money man backs Warriors-WAtoday.pdf

2008-10-25 Australia destroys its own Stonehenge-FARA Media.pdf

2008-10-25 Australia destroys its own Stonehenge-photo.jpg Photo

2008-10-25 The most precious resource of all-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-10-27 Ancient art under threat-Westender.pdf

2008-10-28 Australian Unlimited- Aborigines facing 'social disaster'-Australian.pdf

2008-10-30 Ramos Horta attacks Woodside CEOs-Channel 9.pdf

2008-10-30 RCR Tomlinson wins $60m Woodside contract-West Aus.pdf

2008-10-30 Xavier Rud-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-10-31 Barnett urged to stop Burrup plant-ABC.pdf

2008-10-31 Coral Protected in Pluto Field-3rd Degree.pdf

2008-11-04 Barnett defends Faragher appointment-ABC.pdf

2008-11-04 Conflict forces Minister to sit out LNG debate-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-04 Honeywell to secure Pluto-PNN.pdf

2008-11-04 Opposition criticises government over environment appointment-ABC.pdf

2008-11-04 RCR wins USD60million Pluto LNG contract-Your Oil and Gas.pdf

2008-11-05 Explosives plant rocks art friends-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-11-05 First Pluto LNG module arrives at Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-05 Minister's Woodside link too open to abuse-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-05 New fears for aboriginal art on the Burrup-Koorie Mail.pdf

2008-11-06 Barnett facing fresh interest conflict claim-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-06 Minister’s Woodside link potential conflict of interest- Ripper-PNN.pdf

2008-11-06 Woodside lets another contract for Pluto LNG project-Oil and Gas.pdf

2008-11-10 WA natural gas demand to double by 2015- report-PNN.pdf

2008-11-12 A project of astronomical proportions-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-11-12 No risk to petroglyphs-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-11-12 Chat with the Premier-Mornings 6PR.mp3 Audio 1.5MB

2008-11-13 WA’s future energy security vulnerable-Mining News.pdf

2008-11-14 Fifth train problem to cut $193m of gas sales-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-14 LNG demand still growing- Woodside-PNN.pdf

2008-11-15 Bored off Burrup's board-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-15 Moore sticks by his guns in mines row-WAtoday.pdf

2008-11-17 Group to advise on WA approvals process-Mining News.pdf

2008-11-17 Minister remains defiant over wife's shares-ABC.pdf

2008-11-17 Oil and gas giant feels the pain of the high cost of money-AFR.pdf

2008-11-19 Moore's wife sells mining shares-ABC.pdf

2008-11-20 Gas backflip from Barnett-Broome Advertiser.pdf

2008-11-20 Moore’s wife sells conflict row shares-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-23 No special carbon deal for LNG- Rudd-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-25 Companies told to declare emission targets-ABC AM.pdf

2008-11-26 Poyry lands Pluto contracts-PNN.pdf

2008-11-26 Woodside May Sell Shares to Fund 2009 Spending, JPMorgan Says-Bloomberg.pdf

2008-11-27 Big gas users call for incentives for producers-West Aus.pdf

2008-11-27 Premier to raise emissions trading, GST funding at COAG-ABC.pdf

2008-11-30 Taj 'not too large'-Sunday Times.pdf

2008-11-30 Plans for new ammonium-nitrate facility for the Burrup-ABC.mp3 Audio 2MB

2008-12-01 Burrup Nitrates EPA Filter sheet.pdf appeal by 15-12-2008 Trigger Document

2008-12-01 State of the Regions-The bad news on climate change-ALGA Report.pdf

2008-12-02 Buswell hand passes Native Title to premier-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-03 Woodside seeks next big gas discovery in deepwater-Offshore.pdf

2008-12-04 DomGas calls for producer incentives-Business News.pdf

2008-12-04 Gas supply delay puts fertiliser plant's restart plans back on hold-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-04 MMA to supply Gorgon from Dampier-Offshore.pdf

2008-12-05 Oil and gas project red tape 'costing billions'-Australian.pdf

2008-12-08 No guarantees on return of gas supply-Sydney Morning Herald.pdf

2008-12-08 Projects Update Pages-DoIR Prospect.pdf

2008-12-08 Reindeer gas project on hold-Drive 720 ABC.mp3 Audio 3MB

2008-12-09 Native title royalty cash payments face axe-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-09 “Stand for the Burrup,” says 29-year-old Loic Robreteau-Indian Express.pdf

2008-12-09 Apache puts Reindeer, Devil Creek on ice, secures funds for Oz oil projects-PNN.pdf

2008-12-09 Proposed Offshore LNG Terminal Earmarked for Downsizing-Malabu Surfside News.pdf

2008-12-10 WA risks power shortages, Premier warns-Australian.pdf

2008-12-11 'Coal is the problem - gas is the solution'-WAtoday.pdf

2008-12-11 Oswal fires up Burrup as gas flows-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-11 Don Voelte, Sam Walsh join WAN-Business News.pdf

2008-12-11 The NIT Blacklist-National Indigenous Times.pdf

2008-12-12 Stand up for Burrup!-New Internationalist.pdf

2008-12-13 New Warylu Way tourist trail-Pilbara Echo.pdf

2008-12-14 World’s oldest portrait in peril-Sunday Times London.pdf

2008-12-16 A little unsettled but mainly fine-AFR.pdf

2008-12-17 Miner has say on Burrup concerns-Koori Mail.pdf

2008-12-17 New TAN Plant to go ahead-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-12-17 Gas project deferred as global crisis strikes-Pilbara News.pdf

2008-12-19 Chevron picks site for proposed Australia LNG project-Reuters.pdf

2008-12-19 Une concentration majeure d'art rupestre menacée en Australie-Le Monde.pdf

2008-12-20 200th global rally for the Burrup World Heritage Listing-Media Alert.pdf

2008-12-20 Rally marks 200th Stand Up for Burrup-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-20 World's oldest portrait in peril-Archaeo News.pdf

2008-12-20 Chevron chooses site near Onslow for massive LNG plant-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-20 Church Groups call for Government to support World Heritage Listing of the Burrup Peninsula-Uniting Church.pdf

2008-12-23 World’s oldest portrait in danger from an explosives factory in Australia-Entertainment India.pdf

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-ABC.wmv Movie 8MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-Channel 9.wmv Movie 7.5MB

2008-12-23 Kimberley processing gas hub-Channel 10.wmv Movie 6MB

2008-12-24 Joint inquiry launched into Varanus Island-PNN.pdf

2008-12-24 Putin warns of higher gas prices-Business News.pdf

2008-12-24 Woodside delays naming Browse Basin LNG site until June-West Aus.pdf

2008-12-27 Go-ahead for lower-quality gas to lure more developers-West Australian.pdf

2008-12-29 Western Australia taps Kimberley site for LNG hub-Oil and Gas.pdf

2008-12-30 2008 offshore exploration-PNN.pdf

2008-12-31 2008 liquefied natural gas-PNN.pdf

2009-01-02 Rock art concerns-Explosives Plant Yarra International-GWN.wmv Movie 6MB

2009-01-04 Woodside puts money back into North-West Shelf-AFR.pdf

2009-01-05 EK&FARA Burrup no go for Browsegas-Media.pdf

2009-01-06 EPA green light for $800m Devil Creek gas project-West Aus.pdf

2009-01-06 Resourceful Barnett shields the West - Chevron gets premier treatment-AFR.pdf





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